Who to Ascend: Nature and Dark Heroes

Recently I have obtained enough mats to ascend two nature 5* characters and one Dark one.

Dark Heroes to consider:
Kunchen, Marie Therése, Zulag, Domitia+Cos, Sartana

Leveled Dark Heroes:
Khiona, Alfrike, Freya

Nature Heroes to Consider:
Jade, Toxicandra, Francine, Lianna+Cos, Kadilen, Bertila, Zocc

Leveled Nature Heroes:
Mother North, Yunan, Elkanen+Cos, Gregorion

Dark considerations:
I have too few Dark characters fully levelled so there is a lot of room to grow. Marie Therése seems overall more powerful than Kunchen by 10 points, she can damage all enemies when she heals, resurect (kinda), provide increased defense, I have a small pile of monk emblems already, where cleric emblems are all hard to come by, and she may is rare to see on defense, so she could be a bit surprising. Kutchen seems more logical as he is still widely used in top 1000 teams, instantly heals, and resist holy and seems like a good successor to Rigard+Cos+20, who has been needing replacing for a while. Though filling the dark healer gap is good, my only sniper-ish character is Khiona, so Domitia also seems a good choice.

Nature Considerations:
Francine, seems likely, as I have Vanda 4.80+19 already and the family bonus could be useful. Though I have no other 5* ninjas, Jade seems like a fine choice in absence of Kadilen+Cos since I have enough monk emblems to get them up, she can provide dodge and rob mana, meaning she could prove a fine green tank. Gregorion is an okay sniper, but a faster Lianna+Cos could prove more welcome in green teams/titans. In all this, I now have an unexpected wind fall in Toxicandra. Though I have one 5* healer already, the mana boost and having the rarity of a fast healer, and a potentially tanky one is hard to resist.

I welcome your thoughts, especially if you have experience with these heroes. Which two Nature characters and one Dark character do you feel have the most potential?


  • I would go with Domitia & Costume. Gives you sooo much versatility in the cleanse vs. dispell option. Plus she pairs well with Khiona for the attack buff.

  • I levelled Kunchen and very much regret doing so… I far and away prefer using my Rigards to him… in fact the only time Kunchen gets used is in Rush Attack wars… Rest of the time rigard is better… Cheaper to max, cheaper to emblem, faster mana speed… all for the same healing! Fun fact, you can max emblem 2x Rigards for the same emblems required to max emblem a single Kunchen…


  • Toxicandra; fast mana healer, cleanser & mana boost = no brainer!! So much versatility and will give you a big leg-up on war attacks.

    • Francine is a close second but the fact that Toxi gives the healing and mana boost bumps her up over Francine’s multi-turn cleanse IMO.
  • Lianna & Costume; another amazing hero who I adore using (allll the time). Having the option to flick between mana control (good for boss stages and single problematic enemies on raids) and more raw damage is great!


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