Next green to ascend?

Hey y’all,

I currently have MN and Lianna at 80 and I finally have enough mats to do another green!

My choices are Kingston, Evelyn, Alby, Tarlak…alll good options so who’ll help me the most? Thanks

I would say tarlak or Evelyn first with what you already have. All.are good greens but you already have one sniper and one healer with rez. Tarlak is gold for titans and evelyn has defense down and a heal link so just depends where you are in your lineup


I need to know if you have any of the other titan-boosters (Ranvir, Miki)

If no, I think Tarlak is a better choice-- if only because Eve is servicable at 3/70.
Plus, on a green stack, Eve would be healed by Tarlak anyhow.

If you DO have a 5* titan-specialist… then Eve all the way.


Agreed, Alby and MN are interchangeable, as are Kingston and Lianna. That leaves Tarlak and Evelyn.

Tarlak for titans for sure. Evelyn for green stack raiding. Which do you need more?

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I have both Miki and Ranvir at 80

Good advice, I appreciate it! :blush:


With Miki I’d choose Eve first.


first off, I’m jealous and I hate you.

secondly-- I’m just kidding

thirdly-- 100% Evelyn.


And I’m here discussing which hero is best to level when I have none of them :rofl:

Wait, I do have 3 Lianna.


Hahaha I know the feeling! I say that to everyone who has Kage cause that guy eludes me and haunts my dreams lol not really but yeah

Based on you having Miki already, I’d say Eve 100%. :slight_smile:

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I have 3 also 2 are 1/50…

Yeah I have gotten more tabards than any other 4* ascension material.
After playing for 2 years and spending a bit… still only 7 5* dark/purple pulled. 3 of which happened when TC20 vomited out Quintus. Ate 2 Quintus… apathetically ascended the other when I had 14 tabards just chillin.

Have 15 tabards now…

Spent most of my money on this game chasing 5* purple heroes.

So, yeah, in contrast? 17 Green 5* (ate Kadilen 3, Horghall2).

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I only have 2 purple 5*, Kunch and Hel, waiting on one stinking tabard for Seshat…
Yellow I have Onatel and Ranvir, doing Joon after Gretel
Blue I have Magni, Miki and Frida with eithe Isarnia or Snow White at 70 but I need like 5 more telescopes
Green you know
Red I have QoH, Elena and Mitsuko and now working on Marjana to 80

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