Tarlak or Evelyn?

I was lucky enough to get Tarlk when S2 started. Now I only miss a robust shield to make him ascend to 4.1. It shouldn’t be long, Yeah!

BUT! I just got Evelyn!!

Now I don’t know if it’s better to keep Tarlak 3.70 and raise Evelyn or move Tarlak to 4.1 hoping to get in the future months the material I’ll need to make Evelyn ascend.

Any suggestion?

TARLAK if you dont have a good healer if you do then Evelyn she does wonders against blue titans.

Tarlak is useful for all titans except reflect green. Evelyn is more focused on blue titans. So I’d vote Tarlak first, Evelyn second.

Evelyn heals too. Nature only 4% per turn tho.

As healers I have Kiril 4.70, Sabina 4.36, Melendor 3.46 and Vivica 1.1 (just starting).

I tried to use Tarlak against titans (up to 8*) along with Wu Kong but I believe their interactions is not that effective. Maybe it’s more important to have him with higher level titans?




Yeh, I guess I learned it the hard way :smile:

That’s why I’m in doubt about raising Tarlak. I still fail to see his real use.

5* nature, high attack stat, heals over 3 turns, +100% tile damage = deadly against blue titans and blue tanks.

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I’m lacking against blu titans … I guess the shields and tonics will go to Tarlak …

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Evelyns special works fine at 3/70 against titans. I’ve skipped maxing arthur 3 times for this reason.

If you have Evelyn you also need other. Green heroes to take advantage of her special, for example Liana + Evelyn is a dead shot.

I have 4 evelyns. Do her powers stack? LIke if I trigger all 4 do her healing powers stack? I’ve been trying to pull the other seasonal heroes and pulled 4 evelyns instead.

I’m new btw and still learning the game sorry if this is a super noob question.

They do not stack. The number of turns would restart though.