Next green 5* poll

  • Morgan
  • Tarlak
  • Kingston (double)
  • Margaret

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Titans: I have Miki maxed. Ranvir is 3/70. Wu maxed.
Greens maxed: Kadilen, Kingston
Dark maxed: Ursena, Domitia
Holy maxed: Onatel, Joon, Vivica
Ice maxed: Misandra, Isarnia, Miki
Fire maxed: Grazul, Anzogh

Now that I have tonics, should I max Morgan, Tarlak, Margaret or second Kingston.

Thank you for your help!

I dont have Morgan, but I know she has given me more problems when raiding than any of the others, Kingston included.

I currently have Margaret on my roster and have no immediate plans of leveling her. She is at 1-1 and might stay there for a while. Need 1 trap tool to max Kage, 2 darts for Neith, and just pulled Vela today. They will all go before Margaret. I have Evelyn maxed right now, so no need to get to her.

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well a maxed miki --> one titan crusher, tarmac can wait, one maxed kingston --> go for variety, margie --> do not do that, remains MLF. she is great, I like her and I always wanted her from the knights!


Thank you for the votes and replies, really helpful. I’ll go with Morgan, she was also my first choice but wanted to get a bit of courage to do her cause Kingston nr one is so good.

Morgan, get ready to taste some mystery moonshine…

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