Morgan le fey or margaret

Have them both at 3/70. Struggling with which one to ascend for 4/80. Have enough tonics for 1 ascensions. Let me know your thoughts.


I don’t have either of these heroes. I have not even encountered Margaret yet, but Morgan can be difficult if she is maxed out. Sorry that I have no real advice for you. Have you used them? Who fits better with your team? Who are you utilizing more??

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What will you use them for? Imo Maggie is not optimal for defense but will shine on offense and titans.

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I have no advice on this as well, but very curious to see how it goes as i have both heros as wel and am leaning towards margaret first for titans then MLF later for defense. Holding out for awhile though, if i get tarlak then I’ll forget i have either


So I think I’m gonna go with MLF. Margaret has the same abilities with titans @ 3/70 then should would at 4/80. Yes more tile damage but still… I really want to make MLF part of my main team until a better green comes out there for me… but they are so rare. Lianna would be great or tarlak but it’s the luck of the draw and it looks like MLF for now.


Thanks for the thoughts tho guys I appreciate it.

Morgan for sure. She is arguably the best green for war def (second only to zeline) and you are right in that mag (the worst hero atm imo) is only worth her special so having her at 3/70 utilises her special jist fine and she can take a few titan hits. I would not use her on def ever and having her at 3/70 is good enough for offense. I have every hero except 9 (mostly seasonal) and have morgan maxed (I will NEVER max maggy) …I’ll never even give her 1 level. Idk what SG was thinking.

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Tarlak sucks at defense too, so don’t max him either? And u cant get 800 tile damage from 3/70. And she’s in a color that only has 2 attack buffers(not counting brienne), one super hard to get and the other is a 4* that’s a bit soft without battle items and/or wilbur

Just playin devils advocate, tossin food for thought on both sides of the court

I’ve met both fans and haters of Margaret, i probly wont max her but will give her an honest shot at 3/70 first before making an opinion

Tarlak is a tricky choice in that he is worth ascending because of his tile dmg, usefulness against BIG titans, and special (don’ttake the heal for granted) - but - you are right in that since he is mostly worth his special then he works at 3/70 and is a pretty bad defender. I had him at 70 for a long time setting up more greens before I finally got fed up with the monkey misses (wu kong I hate u).

However - Margaret’s ONLY redemption is her tile dmg but she is not worth it. 3 turns on a status special is a joke (looking at you inari), her def is garbage, AND her pro red only affects nature allies. She is garbo.

Tarlak shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as that disappointment. As for ascending tarlakk, yes, ascend him asap over morgan unless you plan on using the 5* wu kong (I would pick 1 or the other as both is a waste until you can “afford” it). Cheers.

But this is all just my opinion.

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The buffs do not matter - my blue titan team / heavy blue def - tarlak, buddy, evelyn, greg, zeline.

Has def down, elemental def down, crit buff, and attack buff. Zeline helps with dmg and has nice tile dmg.

Throw in an attack banner and you’re smashing face full time for uncle sam

Only hero I’ve maxed for pure defensive purposes is guin

Unless a player is squatting on 30+ maxed 5s or averaging 40 t0 50k per flag on 12* titans, i wouldnt advise against maxing a hero just because they are bad at defense since offense is where the mats and fun are

And tarlak = 800 base attack as well, cant get that without tonics

And no I’m not arguing that margaret is worth maxing as idk if she is or isnt for me. I’m just arguing the “bad for defense dont max” principle as it is the least beneficial part of the game


I think that you are misunderstanding. To clarify - when having to choose between heroes to max, the hero who is mostly worth their special or that will not be used on def can wait and the hero who will be used on def and needs to be maxed to shine should get the items. I am not saying not to max a hero if you will not use them on def.

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I think it’s just a difference in opinion

I think offense first, defense later. In all reality, players place a lot more value on defense than SG does.

Let’s run through some offense vs defense benefits real quick.

What you get from offense:
-mats from titans
-completion of rare quests
-completing/competing challenge events
-better raid tournament ranking
-higher raid chest cup arena
-better war performance

What do you get from defense:
-can hold a higher raid chest arena
-slightly increase your raid tournament rank
-better war defense performance

Higher chest raid arena can be obtained even with having a lackluster defense

Raid tourney scoring is weighed heavier on offense than defense

Alliance war D is great but if you’re mixed in a bunch of mid tier players, or your in a stronger alliance with top end players, is your individual defense going to be the match changer, maybe but unlikely

So nothing against you and not even saying your point of view or opinion is wrong, just giving anyone that reads this an alternative perspective.

Personally if I’m thinking of maxing a hero and looking for advice, i wanna hear all angles good or bad

Defense focus works for some players, offense focus works for others, just depends on what your goal is i guess


Some very wise words from @Rigs there.

Personally, I’m still a newb with a thin roster. I felt bummed a while ago seeing all these glorious defenses with talented 5s, looking at my own sad bunch and thought I’d be stuck in low raid tiers and struggling to complete challenges forever.

Then I happened on a post somewhere here on the forum saying basically what Rigs does above, and with the addition that the poster in question had reached top 100 using only 4s.

I finished some of my best 4s and worked on my best 5s for offense (still only have one maxed 5!), and today I open basically every chest in diamond. My def team is pathetic but if I log out for the night at 25-2600 cups I’m usually still in diamond come morning. And my overall performance everywhere else has gone up too. Offense is the way to go.


Based on that logic if you had to ascend alberich or evelyn - you would pick evelyn?


As far as who to ascend 1st? Yes i would.

Just like i would ascend drake before guin.

Evelyn and alby is a closer race though as I’ve found alby pretty useful on offense. But if evelyn would earn me more chances for more mats to max alby and others, then yes definitely evelyn first.

I know it sounds nuts and probably is, but it’s just the way i look at it.

Both would get maxed though.

Of course 1 could make the argument that evelyns gain doesnt go up as much as albys at 4/80, and alby has similar tile damage(maybe more cant recall evelyn stats), so therefore could say alby “needs” the tonics more to be more useful on both offense and defense where as evelyn best use is titans which she can do fine at 3/70

But that’s not solely an offense vs defense scenario

Idk if you’ve used alby in O, but he’s pretty solid. Tag team him with a % healer and it adds pretty substantial amount of survivability to your team.

Anyways first answer was off the top of my head, 2nd was with more thought(imagine the kind of drawn out process it can be when i think about maxing a hero over another lol)


I have Morgan at 4/80, and I’m very glad to max her.

She already won me some Raids when she was my last attacking hero against two enemies, just recently against GM and Zimkitha I won having only Morgan left. As you can’t dispell her life stealing, and as it is easily 200 Healthpoints per steal, she can compensate some DoT, getting the enemy constantly down.

My opinion regarding Def is, you can place her nearly anywhere. She is viable as tank for me (Def against Fire helps a lot), on flank or wing she can use her skill as she is fast.

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I appreciate everyone reply, I’m going with my gut which is Morgan, and to me it seems to be the right decision.


Curious how this worked out for you

Worked out well. Morgan is a wonderful tank at 4/80. I honestly don’t see myself bringing Margaret 4/80, she’s not worth the ascension mats as of now.

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