Next blue? - Grim / Boril / Isarnia / Thorne / Richard

I am a bit puzzled which blue I should work on next.
I have a maxed Triton and my Kiril will be maxed soon.
Not sure which one to work on next - Grim / Boril / Isarnia / Thorne / Richard.
I don’t have any 3* mats shortage at this point.
Only three telescopes though, so I can’t max a 5* yet.

Some of the other heroes I have, if you think of good combos:
  • Purple: Cyprian (maxed), Tiburtus (4.37), recently got Rigard and Sabina so Rigard is going to be next.
  • Yellow: Li Xiu (maxed + 7 on talent grid), Wu (4.62) Hu Tao (3.60), Chao (3.12)
  • Blue: Triton (maxed), Kiril (4.36), this topic question heroes.
  • Green: Evelyn (3.70 +6 tonics. waiting for the last shield), Kashherk (maxed + 6 on the talent grid), Caedmon (maxed + 6 on the talent grid), Melendor (3.50), Little John (3.60), Mother North (2.60). Elkanen and Skittleskull sit on 1.1.
  • Red: Zimkitha (4.61), Gormek (maxed + 9 on the talent grid), Boldtusk (3.60 waiting for blades), Azlar (2.60), Colen (1.1).

Here are some of my thoughts and my current conclusion, but would like to hear what others think.

  • I won’t do Thorne as Richard is better.
  • Boril is probably out of the race at this point. I have a maxed Cyprian with Perfect Riposte and although Boril is solid, I don’t see the need for another reflecting special at this point.
  • Grim is very good but I already have a maxed 4* blue hitter. Also, I already have 2 of the Ramming Pulverizer heroes for the -defence. Gormek is maxed + level 9 on the talent grid. I am currently working on Tiburtus (4.37)
  • Isarnia is pretty good AOE 5* but she’s slow.
  • Richard is a good 5* blue hitter.

Since I am about to have 2 good and maxed 4* blue, I lean towards working on a 5* blue.
I already have a healer and a hitter, so at this point I am thinking Isarnia over Richard.


Grimm, he’s easily the best pulverizer and you’ll get good use out of him. Too early for a 5* at this point, but it will Isarnia out of those.


One more vote for Grimm. Even that you have Triton, take these two to offense and fire Triton after Grimms def down. You will have a little Magni there.

You already have tanks and riposte, so Boril may wait.

Once you get these few more scopes consider Richard first out of these 3 5stars you have.

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I would max Grimm and if not then Richard

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I’ll let my mono blue team speak for itself.


Nice team @Iorwerth. Exactly what Frida is built for.

Another vote for Grimm then.
Glad I took the time to ask.

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I’d go for grimm, no doubt :wink:

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Another vote for Grimm. Grimm will take less time than Richard, is the strongest of the pulverizer triplets, and even though he’s a glass cannon, he hits like a train in a blue stack. Grimm is good in any number of builds where you’d bring a blue. Richard is only good at tank or in a blue stack with Kiril/Grimm/Frida support. As one who owns all of those, Grimm is far more versatile than even Triton.

For your 5* I’d focus on Isarnia unless you desperately need a tank, but being only 3 scopes deep, that’s a ways out, and things can change a lot by then, so don’t focus on 5* now. It’s premature at best.

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So a month later, Kiril is maxed and I took the advice to train Grimm next. He is now also almost maxed, which raises 2 questions:

  • Gormek is maxed +9. I have another 131 Barbarian Emblems.
    Should I keep upgrading Gormek or use the emblems on Grimm?
    Should I reset Gormek’s grid to have more emblems for Grimm?
    I have 3 reset emblems and no 5* Barbarian on queue for the emblems.

  • Who’s next?
    Thorne and Boril are probably on a lower priority. Should I go with Isarnia, Richard, or Sonya that joined via TC20 in the past month along with her twin sister - another Sonya (now the only 4* I am missing from TC20 is Kelile).


Go for talent 4 on each and later on to your needs.

Next would be Isa and then Richy. Sonya would get some 1* iceies, too. 1 Sonya is enough imo.

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Barbarian talent sucks, so focus only on one hero. For titans Gormek is a better option (more defense and health points).

Next hero: Isarnia.

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Grimm is very good 4*! Only low defense so he is a little bit shuishy. But on attack he is a beast! The best 4* defense debuffer in game.

From your 5* I would go for isarnia. Definitely not Thorne. I just don’t like his stats. Richard could be used in defense but thats it

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Here’s an excellent thread on the relative benefits of giving emblems to Gormek and Grimm: The Pulverizing Barbarians: Emblems to Gormek or Grimm?. I have Gormek exactly where you do and considered a reset to emblem Grimm instead, but after reading this thread, I decided to keep rolling with “Beefy Gormek”. Happy reading.

For me, this would be about your materials. If you still aren’t close on scopes, I would go Sonya. She’s faster to level, and at 4^70, she might be as good or better than any of your 5-stars at 3^70. I have a maxed Grimm and a maxed Sonya (+6, because my other paladins are trash), and I rather like her. The fast mana is a nice plus, and having another dispeller is always nice.

Having just finished maxing one today (since I had no other red options), I can say you aren’t missing much. For my roster, she still gets a lot of use, but she doesn’t really stand out at anything.

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