Which Blue 4*

I am looking to level my Blue 4*s for depth (Wars, Titans, Tournaments, etc…)

Just finished fully ascending Snow, so need a blue to start working on. What order would you level?

Current max blue:
5* - Snow
4* - C-Kiril+20, Sonya

In line:
5* - Richard 3/70, Isarnia 2/60
4* - Mireweave, Triton, Boril, Grim, Jott all at 3/60.

Only 1 set of scopes to level 5*, but I think leveling a couple of 4s for depth might be a better choice while I wait on better blue 5s?

Grimm, Triton, then Jott in that order…you need to bolster your blue offensive options with the 4* heroes. Honestly you should have done them before Snow White.


Since Costume Kiril drops enemy defense, I’d do Jott or Triton. If you use the costumed Kiril as regular, ascend Grimm


Probably on Snow, but the Wilburs and multi buff heroes of the world annoyed me. I am also close to maxing Wilbur myself to place on a team with her.

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That is a deadly combo if you can time it right…If there was a blue Wilbur you’d be in business!!

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Link to view rest of my heroes if needed.

Agir is close but I was not lucky enough to get that card.

I would go with Grimm, then Triton. Depth for wars will be nice as well as increasing your ability to complete quests (like emblem trials and Tavern of Legends).

I wouldn’t worry about the overlap on cKiril and Grimm. Grimm’s a great hitter, while Kiril is all passive/support.


I agree. Grimm is one of the classic heroes that still shines brightly. His offensive power is superb. Plus, we still have his costume to look forward to. I would definitely level him.

Valid point, have you used Jott, just wondered if not enough punch for a slow hero?

I agree, and then next is 2nd Kiril
Grimm, Triton, 2nd Kiril, 2nd Sonya, then Jott.

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I only use Jott on Titans. When you get a good blue board, the results are staggering.

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I wasn’t even thinking blue titan stack, that would be huge numbers, especially if damage booster is active like Wu!

Yes, I was thinking like that before you type I edited my post…
so like this IMO:
Grimm, Triton, 2nd Kiril, 2nd Sonya, then either Jott or 2nd Grimm.
This is prior to war depth…

I already have 3x Kiril, (2x with costumed), 2x Sonya-C, and 2x Grimm.

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C-Kiril is one of my faves for sure!

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With Kiril-C, I’d say Triton and Jott. Grimm would still be worth, but can get put down the list since you already have defense down.

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In my honest opinion, you are better off focusing on both Grimm and Triton first as 4* heroes
Good luck

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