Need advice for next blue, yellow & purple hero to ascend

Here’s my roster (bench heros are 1-1 unless otherwise noted):

Blue (18 capes, 3 telescopes): Maxed - Alasie, Grimm, Kiril, Sonya. Thinking about next - Perseus (1-1).
Bench - Boril (3-60), Rumpelstiltskin, Richard, Triton, Agwe

Purple (18 traps, 6 tabards): Maxed - Sartana, Rigard, Sabina, Tiburtus. Thinking about next - Proteus. Bench - Aeron, Boss Wolf, Quintus, Merlin, Cyprian, Ameonna, Gafar

Yellow (22 orbs, 9 darts): Maxed - Delilah, Wu, Gretel. Thinking about next - Joon. Bench - Justice, Vivica, Leonidas, Chao (4-4), Danzaburo, Li Xiu, Hu Tao

Red (7 blades, 8 rings): Maxed - Gravemaker, Scarlett, Boldtusk. Currently working on - Falcon (4-34). Bench - Natalya (3-68), Sir Lancelot (2-45), Elena, Red Hood, G. Kong, Khagan, Gormek, Sumitomo, Wilbur, Colen, Kelile

Green (10 shields, 6 tonics): Maxed - Zeline, Caedmon, Hansel, Melendor. Currently working on - Lianna (2-12). Bench - Kadilen, Horghall, Kashhrek, Gobbler, Gadeirus, Peters, Skittleskull, Little John

Blue: Triton, unless you come up on some telescopes.

Purple: Proteus, then Merlin, then Gafar. Or swap Merlin and Gafar.

Yellow: Joon. Then Vivica if you get more darts and nothing else shows up.

Red: Finish Falcon then either Red Hood, Lancelot, or Gormek.

Green: Finish Lianna. After that, Peters, then it’s a big step down. I guess I’d go with Gad or LJ.

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I generally agree with @Isaac57 . A few additional notes/points of disagreement:

Blue: Triton, then finish Boril. Don’t start a 5* until you have at least 4, preferably 5 telescopes. The people I know with Perseus are generally disappointed with him. I’d hold off for a better 5*. Personally, Richard would be a better choice. I don’t like Rumples’ design.

Purple: With 6 tabards, you should be looking for a 5* to work on. This month’s HotM, Khiona, would be a very solid choice. If you don’t draw her, Aeron can add a lot to a team when facing Gravemaker or other troublesome heroes. Merlin and Gafar are your best 4* options.

Yellow: Since you’ve spent the mats on Chao, might as well get him battle-ready, then work on Joon.

Red: Finish Falcon, then Wilbur. Wilbur is, I believe, going to add a lot in many circumstances, especially titans. Red Hood is interesting, but you have a solid stack of healers. Elena could add some punch to your team. I’ve had trouble finding a solid place for Lancelot on my teams.

Green: Agree with Isaac, though recognize that Evelyn is due next month. She is a green version of Guardian Panther, and in her current form in beta is extremely good. Better-than-Panther good. She will (I hope) be tweaked down a bit, but still, the defense reduction against Nature (like Panther or Falcon) will be great. Personally, I’m not handing tonics to anyone until I see her release stats.


Good points. I totally spaced on that he’d already ascended Chao. I’m much in agreement there.

On the Purples, I’m not wow’ed by any of his, so that’s why I didn’t recommend them. If he draws a Khiona, then I agree.

I’ve not played with Wilbur or faced a good one yet, so I can’t comment on him. I see some big potential, for sure.

Good points!

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I’ll go with Triton, Chao, Aeron (I’ll start but won’t go higher than 2-60 in case I pull Khiona), Falcon - Wilbur and bring Lianna to 2-60.

Thanks all!

Issac estou com Proteus e a Ameonna para evoluir. Quais deles compensam? Ja tenho Tiburius Evoluido, Aeron Evoluido, Domitilia ate o penultimo e o Rigard.

Nao entendi ainda os ataquea dessa Ameonna e nem do Proteus?

Muito obrigado

Hi Alex,

I had to hit the Google Translate, so hopefully I got your idea. Of the two, I’d definitely go with Proteus first. He’s like a mini-Hel in that in addition to providing a hit, he keeps some of your enemies from building up their specials. In effect this gives you three free rounds on them. Ameonna is interesting and I’ve seen people post some cool strategies for her, but I’ve never used her. I think some people are doing some cool stuff versus Titans with her.

ok thank you. I will invest in Proteus

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Blue: i would max triton and than perseus to 3/70 only. Perseus is Good for wars. And 3/70 is enough for wars. If you do this than you will have 10 capes and 3 Telescope left. Wait for a better blue 5* hero.

Purple: i would definitely max aeron. One 5* healer your delilah is Not enough. AERONs ability is Really Really Good.If you fully ascend him, than you will have 10 trap tools left. With the trap tools i would ascend proteus full than merlin.

Yellow: i would fully ascend joon and than wait for better heroes.

Red: I would fully ascend only falcon, wilbur and maybe sumitomo. But no 5*. Wait for better 5* heroes.

Green: none of those. Keep your items for evelyn HotM december.