Next 5* to level

I can’t decide who to level next

To make an informed suggestion it would help to know your roster currently (i.e. who is maxed already) and what materials you have available.

Otherwise we may as well throw darts blindfolded.

I was looking for who people thought was the best out of that group overall. I have over 80 5* heroes those are the ones I haven’t leveled to at least 3/70

Are any of them duplicates of a hero you have maxed? because that would have a big bearing on if its worth levelling them or not…

All I’m saying is that, without context, advice is meaningless.

Vela and Azlar are the only maxed duplicates

If these are maxed, kudos to you. I don’t even have half of that number fully leveled. As such, you are luxurious enough to ascend Khagan. Good luck

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If you don’t have a Marjana maxed then it’s a no brainer. Costumed Marjana for the win.

Since you already have a big stable of 5s, I’d look for fun factor and doing something different. My pick would be Alfrike. She’s a lot of fun to play with but you need a strong team to survive till she fires. It’s a different sort of game play with her from the normal Fast-VFast boom boom boom gameplay. And she is murder in VFast raids and wars.

Edit: I just realised you didn’t say 80 maxed 5s. If ascension items is your bottleneck, Alfrike wouldn’t be the first purple I would max. But probably the 3rd or 4th.

@Ham88 Since these are the ones you “haven’t” leveled to 3/70 and we are assuming you “don’t” have maxed, I would say

Red - Zimkitha
Blue - Skadi
Yellow - Sif (or Uranus if you battle many minion- creators)
Purple - Dark Lord
Green - MN

Thus, it comes down to what ascension materials you have to use. As always, IMO! Good luck! :wink:

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Alfrike. She is the only hero I saw in there

You don’t have very good eyesight

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