Next 5* red advice please

I’m ready to ascend a red 5*. I can choose from Marjana, Kong, or Elena. Here is my red mono team

My best hero’s

My debate is that I think Kong would be a better fit for my red mono team and Marjana would be a good all purpose sniper. Elena I’m just not sure about.

Thanks for any advise you can give.

Marjana all day long.

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I wish I had that problem with red. Sadly I have no such problem as I don’t have anything. Purple and Yellow on the other hand that is where my problem lies.

I have this problem in every color. Except green, Margaret and Atamos don’t stand a chance at getting mats. Lady Locke will unless I pull Kingston or Lianna before I get 3 more tonics.

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Lady Locke isn’t a bad choice.

I am still hoping for Kingston. I have a maxed Lianna and Kadlien (just cuz we face a lot of blue war tanks) and still have 11 tonics. Horghall will never see the light of day.

Blue I have Isarnia and Athena maxed. Richard at 70. Hoping for a fast sniper one day but Athena is beastly.

Red I have Anzogh and Natalya maxed with Elana and Another Natalya at 70. Just got my 6th rings so will be hoping for a better red one day too.

Purple I have Kunchen Khiona Seshat Victor maxed. Obakhan Quintus Sartana at 70

Yellow I have Joon Drake Onatel maxed. Vivica and Drake #2 at 70

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That’s a seriously dangerous roster.

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I can make up for the colors I am weak in which is a good thing.

I want a new toy though…haha

I just want less 5* at 3-70

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