Jack'o'Hare and Seshat

Hey folks,

At the moment I play with Jack+14 and I have enough spare emblems to bring him to +18.
He really is a brutal glass cannon, beastly in offense.

And I have Seshat at 4.62. She will be maxed in a few days, maybe weeks.

She already is fierce, and I suppose, she is an offensive goddess while at +7 or higher. But without emblems, Jack is nothing worth anymore. Other green heroes are only Horghall at 3.50 and Caedmon +14. So my green heroes would be only half as good as before.

Is it okay to let the emblems at Jack and only Emblem the new stuff to Seshat? I really am unsure if crippling my rabbit would be worth the reset. =/


Seshat really is a beast of a hero, especially with emblems… IMHO, I feel that since you lack green hitters, you can take Jack to +18, and then give everything to Seshat from that point onwards. Jack+18 will be useful in raid tournaments, and Seshat will only become more stronger once you start getting more ranger emblems. :slight_smile:


I use both together, my Jack is +7. I brought Seshat to +2 for now.

Jack is my best Green hitter, so i’m not taking his emblems away either.

keep the emblems on your Jack, you have few Green heroes now - at least you can triple stack Jack, Caedmon and Horghall together if needed. then give emblems to Seshat once you have enough on Jack


My jack is +20, now I focus on red hood, now+2. I was thinking about moving emblems, but have no other green for defense. Until there is a ranger for defense on my team it won’t change. Only green and/or ranger I have Gregorian (my only green 5star, but weak imo for average speed) and red hood (run zimkitha on defense, so not really a place for her on d). Jack hits nearly like irsania or justice and at fast speed, he’ll keep the emblems for now! Great for offense, events etc too.


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