Buddy Ranger class emblems guidance

Those of you who have spent emblems on the elf, which path or paths did you choose?
I’ve decided to pick Buddy over Triton as my Ranger.
Coach @zephyr1 dared me too and I’m all in!

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:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: high five!

If it were me, I’d emphasize his intrinsic strengths, which are Defense and HP.

His utility is extremely high survivability along with his ability to apply debuffs, and make minions for his buddies.

Buffing his attack would be fine, but the payoff won’t be as big as just making him insanely sturdy, so he’s always by your side, like a good…well, you know.


I second this. He will eventually get just barely above 800 defense. He is solid as potential for tanking if he is built along defense and health.


having fought a few well emblemed Buddies too - he is very durable and caught me off guard to just how tough he was to get through.

He also pairs very nicely with Red Hood.


Yeah im going HP + defense. It does catch people off guard since 4000 tp teams are sometimes losing against my 3500 with the elf + boril.

Even when i fight him, it’s a pain

The minions saved me thousand times in raids and wars…and the defense debuff is yuk-yuk benefit in so many situations! I think the little green elf is so underrated!


I initially wanted to advise improving his atk power, which sucks as it is. But then again even with emblems on atk power, Buddy will probably not deal significant damage. I guess he was really not built for damaging, but more for debuffing.

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His attack is bad beyond redemption, pump up defense and health :slight_smile:


I took the health and D path and in those categories he’s about at Ares base health and D stats at level 10.

That is great! Sturdy Lil Buddy!

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Resurrecting this from the dead…

Just maxed him and took him to +8.

I have the emblems to go to +20, but… I got Lianna finally the other day (long time before I max; Zeline is first), and I just got Khagan’s costume.

Only other rangers with emblems are Triton +17 (willing to strip to +8) and Bai Yeong +10.

Gone from a dearth of rangers to a multitude…

Use would really be just for titans, tournaments, and things like NT.

I would strip Bai Yeong but while I’m embleming my Buddy I already have an Evelyn+18 and a Lianna+18, they are in my “buff piercing team”. How are your other heroes?


Purple is my weak color in 5s (Domitia +18, Sartana +3; cRigard +20, Proteus +19).

Yellow needs AoE (Joon+20, Malosi+18, Bai+10).

Blue is strong (Ariel +19, Vela +20, Alice +3, Isarnia +0; Triton +17, cRichard 3/70)

Green is hopeful (Tell+20, Tarlak +9, Atomos +13; Almur+17, Buddy+8 Zeline and Lianna in progress, but not enough tonics)

Red is also strong (JF+20, Mitsuko+20, Marjana+8, Khagan+1 (costume in progress); cBT+20)

Lacked rangers for a long time. Still lacking fighters.

I have over 400 ranger emblems still; so the near term question is Buddy vs cKhagan. Neither are top 3 for their color. I’ll worry about Lianna when I get 9 more tonics…

Buddy is very helpful in 4* tournaments format, I’d keep embleming him.

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