Ascend a 4* or save the AM for 5*

Hello again. Sort of a new player, been playing for more than a month now. Im a minimal spender (have only spent on 30day vip) and have gotten a few 4* and 1 5* hero. I just found out that the AM required to level same colored heroes are the same… (red 4* to level 4 same as red 5* to level 3… etc). I realize that the AMs are the games rate limiting step and would like to ask you guys out there if you think it would be best to keep 4* at 3/60 and save the AMs for future 5*s

It depend on what heroes you will ascend, and what heroes you have already ascend.
But basically, best way is build priority:

  1. 2 to 3 rainbow *4 heroes to 3.60
  2. 2 to 3 rainbow *3 heroes to 3.50 (max)
  3. 2 to 3 rainbow *4 heroes to 4.70 (max)
  4. start *5 heroes

Second this and would add just the “why.”

It’s because building in this way let’s you get more ascension materials faster, which leads to more etc…

Only caveat is that if you get your hands on Wu and/or Wilbur, throw the kitchen sink at them and max asap

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Thanks!! Was lucky enough to pull wu kong. He is easily my fave right now. :grinning:

As @jinbatsu and @Keyz pointed, you should work on your 3* and 4* before starting your 5*.
That is, i’d say, 98% true.

It depends on the 5* and what 4* you have at hand.

Personal information that could interest you

My wife got lucky enough to pull both Hel and Ranvir. She had no other interesting projects so she leveled them both. Her yellow bench is very thin, with Ranvir at 4/xx and Li Xiu as her only maxed 4*. Purple, she has Hel at 3/70, waiting on 1 tabard, Tiburtus at max and currently leveling Sabina.
Her bench is a lot less threatening than mine, yet, she manages to complete all quests and event, have a steady platinum defense and have managed to land A+ on a 9* purple titan (don’t ask me how :rofl:), and mostly A on other titans and does fairly well in alliance war

It is a game after all, and for her, leveling them kept her playing. She was a bit tired of 3* and wanted some better heroes.

The 5* vs 4* matters.
If your question is based on Mok-Ar vs Proteus, then leveling Proteus is the right choice.
If it is between Ariel and Agwe, well you might be better served with Ariel.

I had one drink too many, sorry to hijack your thread and hope it has been of some help :rofl::man_shrugging:


This makes sense… as of the moment i only have magni as 5* so i dont have much of a choice. Next blue 4* is sonya who is still waiting for magni to max out. And a few other 4* at red. I am hoping to get lucky in the upcoming atlantis rises event tho.

Thanks, following this advice, what order would you recommend i level up my reds after boldtusk?


Also, does this mean i can consume a fully leveled jill (2* red) and layla (2*purple) since they will not be useful?

Depends which 4s you have. I got my first 5 about the same time as I got my first two 4*s (different color than the 5). For me it made total sense to level and ascend the 5 because

  1. There was no competing 4 for the mats
  2. My 5 lasted much better in battles then my 3*s.

I would have been worse off completing special events in some respects had I continued to ignore my 5 and continue focus on my 3s.

Thanks i have the following
Wu kong 3.60

Magni 3.50+
Sonya 1.1

Kasryrr(?) 3.60
Belith 3.50
Friar tuck

Boldtusk 4.65
Cohen 1.1
Scarlett 1.1

Sabina 3.60
Prisca 3.50

I kinda have an idea which direction im going with some of the other colors. I need help with the reds and greens i guess. Thanks!!

Depends on the mats you have for the other 4s, but Sonya is competing for the mats, I would do her first before Magni as you have a few more 4s to compliment and can make a maxed rainbow team of 4*s relatively quickly.

@e-man. Regarding Layla (and probably Jill too) I would keep her for now. I’ve seen lots of maxed and emblemed Layla do well in raids, tournaments and wars. In war she is a nice option if you don’t have a full bench of 30 heroes for your 6 flags. I’ve not seen Jill as often but a maxed 2* is better than an unleveled 3*.

If you participate in war I would keep both until you have 30+ leveled 3-5*. Then reevaluate. I didn’t keep mine and wish I had. Good luck!

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IMO, here is in order priority:

Yellow: Bane to max, Wu Kong to max

Blue: Sonya to 3.60, Valen to max, Magni to 3.70, Gunnar to max (good for tournament and event challlange limit rare, also help for map quest), Greymane is food, Karil is medium.
Sonya 4.70 is more sturdy and functional (dispeller) then Magni 3.70 (you will hit wall and wait longer for getting the mats here). And for getting AM, if Sonya is maxed, it will be handy to finish rare quest, etc.

Green: no other *4 green then Kashhrek, he is good Tank for Platinum arena, Muggy, Brienne.

Red: BT, Nashgar, Jahangir (good for tournament very fast), Azar is also not bad, then Scarlet, Colen

Purple: Sabina, Baltazar, Tyrum, Prisca and Renfeld is food.

Hmm… interesting… so far i only actually just have 1 team for all (titan, raids, map…)

I also like that at first, I think almost all people think at 1st only 5 use rainbow best, other are feeder.
Then, there are 5 default teams. What for? (clue/hint)
Then, there is alliance war (need 30 heroes), and there is challage and rare Titan which is one color reflect damage to our allie, there is strong, weak and neutral color againts, all of these are hint to us to use a color stack with synergy skill.

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