Newby lineup help 😬 plus looking for new Alliance

We had a couple miss the last war, so we may have space soon

Please check us out at The Marley Army. We would love to have you! We have a core of experience players that left another alliance because the leader and several other players had been inactive over 40 days so we were stuck moving forward. We love active players that want to participate in Titan battles and wars. We are respectful, supportive, and appreciative of our members. But the best part we love E&P and love to have fun. So please check us out as we are going nowhere but up and could use your participation. We also love new players for their enthusiasm!

Where is Belith? I can’t see her.

I think Che meant Brienne. I don’t have Belith

If you ever get her, and that is not too hard, put her in Tuck’s place right away, she is the best 3* healer.

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Hi Parzival,
For your defense team I would suggest Li Xiu in the center with Scarlett and Jahangir on her sides with Balthazar on one side and Bane on the other. Li Xiu is a vicious point man and Scarlett and Jahangir are very deadly if they get their specials off, which will happen much sooner if they are directly next to the point man.

As for an offensive team, you really need to tailor that to the team you are raiding. I like to have two heroes of the opposite color to their point man in my team and one each of the opposite colors of the heroes next to the point man. Then I bring a fourth color that is the opposite of one of the sideline heroes (the one I think will give me the most trouble).

My alliance is Errant Light, of which I am the co-leader. We are all very active, and very supportive of new players. We have a very active chat thread where players ask and share advice on the game. Feel free to give us a look. We are fighting mostly 4, 5 and 6 star Titans.

Regardless of which alliance you choose, you have a great starter team and I’m sure you will find somewhere to fit in. I’m glad your enjoying the game. I know I am.

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Thank you! That’s great to know. That said, is it ok to use 3*'s that I don’t plan to use in my lineup as feeders? For example, Tuck (if I score a Belith), Carver, or my 2nd Ulmer that I’m not using since I already have 1 Ulmer at max level.

I would keep all of your 3*'s for now. You will want them when you start fighting in wars. To get the maximum benefit for your alliance you will need to eventually have 30 heroes that are somewhat leveled up.


I agree with Sernarok, Bellith is the best 3* healer. I didn’t get her at all in my early playing though and maxed out Tuck. He is actually pretty good as a healer because of his mana boost. I would put him between two slow/average characters and it was like turning them into fast mana characters for a short time. I would definitely use him over Sha Ji.

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Ok, good to know. BTW, the only 3* I’ve fed to one of my 4*'s so far was Renfeld. Hope that wasn’t a mistake. From here on out, I’ll hold onto all of my 3*'s

Renfeld is a worse version of Prisca, so I don’t think it was a terrible mistake. I know the game is random, but in all my pulls and TC13 recruitments Renfeld seemed to show up a bunch, so it’s quite likely you will get him again anyway. :wink:

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You’re right! I was hearing a name with a B, and healer, and nature heroes…

Either Tuck or Brienne then. Either way would be pretty solid.

@Parzival I know you’ve plenty of options here, if ya’d like to follow up here, tho, drop me a line on Discord (CheTranqui#6328) and I’ll put ya in contact with our leadership - pretty sure we have someone stepping down their involvement, just waiting for someone to take their place. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Just added you as a friend on Discord.

Tried to chat with you but apparently I need a tutorial on Discord now. WTH?

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Plenty of good training alliances including my own 2 guardians academy and guardians ascending depending on your level


Hey Annie, thank you for this! :grinning:

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The Marley Army Wants You

If you’re still looking, @Parzival, we’re going to have a spot coming open in MJB. Should we hold it for you?


Hi Parzival…if you are still looking for an alliance to help you grow and learn the game, The Marley Army would love to have you. It appears you are very eager to learn and we specialize in helping new players. A number of our new members have gone up at least 4 to 5 levels within 2 weeks. So check out The Marley Army or send me a reply. I check postings frequently throughout the day. Good luck and have fun!

Hi I’m in an active adult alliance called Titan Killers GB. No drama tolerated, we’re fighting 7* titans. Winning wars, we range from level 58 to 15. Come check us out

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