Newbie and lost

I’ve been playing for a month, started as a pastime but getting into it and enjoying! Totally lost though, think I’ve been doing everything in the wrong order… I started reading here today and realized I should have kept heroes and leveled them mindfully, instead I have been feeding all my 3s and unwanted 4s to the 5s I got >_<.

My roster now in the order they are placed:
Grimm 30/3 - Kelile 52/3 - Elkanen 52/2 - Leonidas 43/2 - Sabina 35/3.

On the bench I have:
Kunchen 30/1, Boldtusk 31/1 and at 1/1 Caedmon, Boril, Hu Tao, Captain of Diamonds, Cheshire Cat and Gormek.

I am unhappy with only Sabina as a healer for all purposes basically. Grimm and Kelile have nice specials but tend to die first all the time. I was pleased with Elkanen and Leonidas in the beginning but when I reached gold level in raids they were painfully outmatched… (I am now back in silver and still loosing most raids).

What would you do? Should I replace Sabina with Kunchen and Elkanen with Caedmon? Should I go with two healers and swap Kelile or Grimm for Kunchen? Or should I try and make room for Boril (who is a pain to meet in raids)?

Also, how do I make a team 2? I can see slots for more teams but can’t activate them… as is now the team I have is my defense team as well and it’s not optimal I suppose.

For choose another team for raid/titan/farm just swipe the team to left or right. You have good heroes, Elkanen isn’t very good, you can take him to 3^70 and wait. Leo is better, if you F2P you can max him in future.

You should max ~15 4* before you start your 5* (or if you have mats to max your 5* you can do it). Boldtusk is healer and awesome buffer he is best red 4* IMO.

can be good defence line for silver and gold.

Use green heroes for Caedmon, Blue for Boril etc.
But first take your current team 4* to 3^60 and 5* to 2^60

I don’t like rainbow in raids, you can try take 2 purples when your enemy have yellow tank and deal 2x damage.


Thank you so much @Radar1! Found it and slightly mortified I didn’t even try to swipe :flushed:.

Yeah I had a feeling Elk isn’t very good, damage isn’t great and the self healing minimal. Leo sure hits hard and can take a punch but he is so slow…

Do you have any experience with Kunchen? He popped out as a bonus just a couple of days ago, before then I wasn’t even aware of the Hero of the Month thing.

I was thinking that I like the general damage he does to the other teams defense - Grimms best feature, while the healing is ok and removes ailments. At the same time, Sabina removes buffs which he doesn’t - but Caedmon does, and hits almost as hard as Elk. Hm.

Anyways, big thanks for the advice mate!

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Kunchen looks good, I’m trying catch him. Def debuffers like Grimm and Gormek are very important. You can change Kunchen with Sabina beacuse Caedmon dispell too.

Are you in active alliance? How many stars have your titans?

Yup might do that, put Caedmon and Kunchen in play instead of Elk and Sabina. Maybe Boril then instead of Grimm, at least for the defense team…

I’m in an open alliance, I’d say fairly active (25 members, half who partake in wars and titan battles…). Don’t really get the wars yet, just realized after reading here that you’re supposed to prepare several teams (or at least have more than five leveled heroes). I have been a disaster in the wars until now, my poor teamies ;>.

My stronghold is only level 11 and I’m at 20 in episode 1 and 10 in episode 2. One training camp at level 8. Just read about what happens at level 20! Yey!

Edit: the alliance do 4-5* titans.

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Good to hear :slight_smile:. You should fight in wars beacuse you can get mats for your 4* and 5* from war chest. If you will want change alliance in future you can tag Silverdragon, he have good “alliance offer” for new and for exxperienced players, be happy with game :slight_smile:

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Yes will try to do all the wars and titans. Thanks, will look you up when I have a more stable roster. Cheers :slight_smile:!

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forget the 5* for now. You won’t be able to get them passed 2/60 for a long time. Right now they are just useless superstars… Concentrate on 4* heroes first. It will take a long time, but you should max at least 10 4* in order to be able to gain access to the rewards of the rare quests class quests and events (seasonal and challenge) A rainbow 4* defense will keep you steady in platinum arena and from there you will be able to raid up into diamond. By that time you will probably have gathered the required ascension mats and resources to start leveling 5* heroes…

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also good advice for a new player set your mobile phone alarm clock when your buildings go up then you know when to log in and build something ,

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also get a army of two stars and three stars up maxed rank if you can
for wars and quest and special events you will need them later for special events
some of my two star pets are maxed out are stronger than my 3s n 4s

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Super, many thanks guys! Sure wish I’d started looking for forums when I first got “hooked”… did some initial spending on pulls and the thought of all the decent 4* I wasted makes me cringe :scream:. I used Skittleskull and Wu Kong and Keril and many many others as fodder…

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Darn… tough luck there… Wu and Kiril are corner stones for a newcomer… My advice, read the forum every day, there is lots of knowledge here…

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I agree, you should max a hoard of 3* for wars and challenge events, but I would never waste resources on maxing a 2* hero… when you are one month into the game, food is scarce and feeders came very slow…


Indeed, will save the next couple of 3* I get. Yeah wasting Kiril and Wu Kong hurts now :weary:. I had no idea the game was so complex! It’s really a lot more fun than I thought at first. Now I don’t want to go to work tomorrow… :wink:

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