New update v29 - what's with the war chest update?

  • If a player participated in a war, the war chest should update even if they leave the alliance and come back as long as they don’t participate in other wars.

Guys, what’s that? O_o
Russian community is really confused.

Is it about participation in wars?
E.g. let’s say there’s an alliance AAA with 0/25 chest.
I win the first war with them - I’ll have 20% participation.
Then I leave AAA and stay without alliance for 3 wars.

What will happen, when I return to AAA?
(let’s say they won all the 3 wars)

I’ll have 80% participation?
Or what?

Thanks for the clarification =)

Participation is counted, as long as you use at least 1 flag in a war.

So in your case, if you return, you’d be at 1/4 wars participation. So 25%.

What the update means is that your war chest points will be updated.
In your example:

  1. First war, you participate and win: 5/25 points - 100% participation (1/1 war)
  2. Second war, you do NOT participate in any war, your alliance wins: 10/25 points - 50% participation (1/2 wars)
  3. Third war, you do NOT participate in any war, your alliance wins: 15/25 points - 33.33% participation (1/3 wars)
  4. Third war, you rejoin and participate in war and win: 20/25 points - 50% participation (2/4 wars)

That’s at least how I understand it. :slight_smile:


OK, but it’s how it works now.

I’m interested what exactly was updated?

I think what didn’t work before was that your war chest points didn’t update, when being away from your alliance and not participating in any other war.


Yeap, I fully agree with your example above.
I thought it’s how it works now.

Maybe (in your example) I’ll have 5/25 after rejoin and 10/25 after the win?
So my personal chest would be different from alliance’s chest.
And this bug was fixed in the update…

This is exactly right.

If you participated in War, left your alliance before the end of War, and returned (even before War ended), then your War Chest didn’t update to include the participation.

This actually happened to me, and I reported it to Support.


Now I understand, thank you!
So you’ll have no loot from winning/losing, but you’ll keep the participation.
Or you’ll have a loot too?

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And one other question - should I be back before the end of war the get the participation?

E.g. I hit 1 flag, left the alliance and got back AFTER the end of war.
Will my participation count?

I think it should, based on the wording.

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Shot-not testing :stuck_out_tongue:

Happened to me as well…just couple days ago…damn it i thought it was intended lol

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The part I love about the update is the EP Bank Balance change to decrease costume XP…pretty sure that was the game balancing everyone was hoping for…thanks SG for listening

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Nice update.

It would be cool if you could leave and come back without losing remaining flags, though. This would free up movement during the entirety of war rather than just the second half.

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Not working exiting of the war proof

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re showing with the video.

The change is that your participation should still count.

You need to check your War Chest after War.


Checked this case - you will keep war chest participation if you return after the end of war.

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