WAR participation percentage

I joined my old alliance back and I have been in 3 different wars and on each it says different percentage for my participation, I used all my flags and I am wondering how does it calculate that percentage. TIA

The war chest is part of the alliance. It doesn’t move with you. Your participation in a particular alliance’s war chest is based on your participation in the points accrued in wars of that alliance since the last time the war chest rolled over.

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So if I have participated and used all my flags that has nothing to with it?

If you have participated in the current alliance’s wars, that will give you participation in the current alliance’s chest. The number of flags you use doesn’t matter, just whether you were opted in and used flags at all.

Your participation % is participation in the chest as a whole, not just in the current war. So as long as you didn’t leave the alliance and fight somewhere else, the participation should be growing with each war.

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Oh okay, that makes sense in my end but one of the founders of the alliance that has never left the alliance, it says she only participated 75%.

I wouldn’t trust those numbers until the chest is actually filled. I’ve seen my percentage numbers vary wildly when shifting between alliances, and even when I finally settled into one alliance and participated in every war, it showed me some weird participation numbers - I asked other members of my alliance and they were seeing the same thing. Then after I logged off and logged in again later, the numbers were fixed.

RE: the founder of your alliance, as long as she used at least 1 flag in every war, her participation rate should be 100%. Is it possible she missed a war? Just being in the alliance is not enough, you have to be opted into the war, put up a 5 member defense for the war, and use at least 1 war flag, otherwise it counts as a missed war.


Okay that makes a little bit of sense. My chest was full when I got that percentage. Idk it just made me wonder . Thank you all


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