War chest and mercing

Not sure if right place but just wondering, if you participate in war (I used all my flags) but leave before the war ends to help another alliance with a titan, then return (still before war ends) is your participation in war chest reset?

My chest is showing that I haven’t participated and wondering if it is because I left to help my alt’s alliance…

Yes it is reset to prevent mercing

Just digging this back up, sent a support ticket and they said I should have gotten the participation towards the chest but as it stands my chest says I haven’t been in any wars yet…
@zephyr1 @Garanwyn any chance you could help clarify?

We had several members leave to help another alliance on a rare, none of us had participation counted nor got loot from war.

My understanding is that War Chest participation counts as long as you don’t participate in another alliance’s War, even if you leave and return to your alliance.

I know of cases where that’s worked properly when people left between Wars, and I know of cases where that’s worked properly when someone accidentally left the alliance during War and then rejoined during the War.

Your particular case of leaving during the War, helping on a Titan, and then returning to finish the War seems like it should work fine too — but it seems you’re finding otherwise.

Did Support understand that exact situation, or did they give you a generic response based on the more general situations that we know definitely work?


So, just to be clear, they said that if you leave while fighting is still ongoing, you’ll still get full participation for that war? Interesting. I’d have been pretty cautious doing that. But I’m just a player like you–support should know well better than I what is and isn’t supposed to work.

If it’s supposed to work and didn’t, that sounds like a bug that they should be able to help you with.

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Pretty much a generic response but stating that I was correct in thinking the chest only resets if you participate in another alliances war.

I have asked for clarification, will see how they respond.

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Yeah, I’ve had others who run multiple alliances say they have left and returned without issue, support basically said as I was the only one who put in a ticket it’s not a bug…

Thanks for following up, and I look forward to the update when you hear back again!

If you search this sub forum, players often report display glitches.

I have had several when opting out, then opting back in, where it displays the incorrect amount until I force restart or the war chest is collected by myself.

Hopefully this is only a display glitch.

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I run 3 accounts atm, in 3 alliances. My game is constantly logged in/out and I close the app completely on a regular basis as the chat doesn’t reload quite a lot. The chest is still saying I haven’t participated in any wars yet this is my second with this alliance (it has not yet finished)

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