NEW TOOL! Sharing my new "talented heroe + troop combinations tool"

Friends! Here I share a tool that manages to finish today for those who are game lovers.
It has 3 functions:

1 - It shows us the hero we choose and how it would close if we gave him 20 talents in 3 different ways (attack, defense or vit), combined with the two possible epic troops at level 30. We can also combine it with the troop that we have in our game.

2 - It allows us to customize a hero of our rooster with the troop that we choose. Regardless of the level of the hero or the troop, or the talents used or not, it simply shows us the final numbers between the hero + troop combination.

3 - Here we can assemble teams of 5 heroes with their 5 troops and see the combined result of damage, defense and life. I see it especially useful for single-color teams, since the sum of the damage of each hero will translate into the total board damage of the board of that color. Designed to build attack and defense teams, especially in tournaments.

The file is online to be downloaded to the PC and used there. The instructions are very simple and are on this post. It will be updated with the new heroes or new changes to the existing ones.
I hope you try it and make comments to improve it, thank you, greetings!


Thank you, I will test these next week !

Thanks for sharing @Jamir

Function 3 should also be awesome to optimise titan teams… that’s how I’d use it

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