New to the game

Hi, I just started playing this game about a week ago. I am at level 9 and I’m looking for a fun and competitive Christian Alliance. If anyone could help me find a home in this game I would appreciate it.
Thank you, this is a cool game!

Welcome to playing this elaborate match 3 game. If you have just started about a week ago and have already pushed to level 9, sounds like you are getting the basics down and are still exploring the ins and outs about this game. The forum is a great tool for information gathering and forum goers are generally pretty helpful. You will find much quicker and generally better answers to your questions than the ones in the in-game chat rooms.

As part of your advancement through the game, joining an alliance is a path to more resources aside from you procure on your own, that is, by means of corporative Titan slaying and participation in Alliance Wars.

As you browse through many alliance recruitment posts, you’d see that they are mostly asking for stronger players who has a certain team power, trophy count, etc. and mostly to help them take down stronger, higher tiered Titans. But doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged about being able to find an alliance. There are starter or trainer alliances out there that are always welcoming and a few of their leaders and affiliate leaders are always looking in the recruitments here for new players such as yourself.

Which brings to us. Our alliance don’t necessarily share the same religious beliefs (mainly because we don’t really discuss about it, same thing with politics), and try to keep most discussions in-game and personal life at a minimum. But we are all friendly, helpful, respectful (mostly adults who work and have family life) and some of our members are chatty, some are not. We aren’t really competitive in the sense that our goal was not to shoot for the top 100, but rather as a casual, no pressure, no drama, laid-back, fun environment for friendship and hero growth.

With a game that is losing some older player base and hopefully getting a new wave of new players, we are always looking for new, dedicated, players that plan to stay and grow for the long term.

If this is something that interests you, give us a look.
Alliance Name: Technicolor Minds ← search term
In-game name: Shuu, Squire of Dauros
We do have a trophy count requirement of 400, so it’s not terribly difficult to achieve. We currently are taking down 4 Titans and can get some 5, Alliance Wars participation are optional for our members**


Hi @Starhunter66

Really glad to see you are enjoying your introduction to the game.

This thread lists many good teaching alliances:

In terms of your request for a specific type of alliance, I have not seen any alliances that discriminate membership based on any kind of belief or doctrine and I would be very cautious if they did.

Some alliances do enjoy a little bawdy conversation, so if you are concerned about that kind of content, I would request something like a ‘family friendly’ alliance.

Many of us have a personal faith or political persuasion, but this forum and game are probably not the right space for that debate.

All the best on your journey.

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Have you typed “christian” in the alliance search?

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Thanks you for the feedback. I am more interested in a drama free, helpful alliance. Wasn’t really trying to narrow my choices. Since I have been mainly learning things on my own I have been through a few bumps already. My trophy count is only at 320 right now.

Just like I said before really didn’t want to narrow my searching efforts. I am really more into a “family friends” alliance for sure. Thank you for your help and the link you shared with me.

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You know, I really haven’t done that yet. Good point. Lol
I’ll keep my options open. Thank you :slight_smile:

I have just started a training alliance. Answer questions, help get your roster moving. Nothing political or religious (including those 8-7ers).

I would like students to act like a family.

Ok, I can check it out/join your training alliance after i get home tonight. I do have some question since i am fairly new. :wink:
My Line ID is twstarhunter66 btw

Some of you may be a Line group of recruitment.
Add the guy to it and let him chose from several options there.

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I do know of some groups I would categorize as self-professed Christian, but no clue about denomination.

I will direct their interest to this thread, but there are many good alliances here posting above; I wouldn’t be hasty to limit all groups into a few categories before you know them.

(secretly waves to a few who shall remain nameless!) :grin:


Alliance name: Troll Akademi

Line: dicetroll