New player (3 weeks old) looking for more people to join my alliance

I started playing with my brother and a friend 3 weeks ago, and started the alliance last week, we need people to join and help us take on the titans since we can only kill 1 star titans, no requirements needed other than please be somewhat active we are active and try to kill all the dragons to get nice loot.

Name of the alliance is Antiguo Fenix and the name of the leader is luteniente

Hope you can join us

I’m gonna be completely honest with you; you are going to have a lot of trouble recruiting people. People wanna see an established alliance that is winning wars and killing high level titans. It really is in your best interest to find an established alliance to join. A C grade on a 6* titan is a lot better than an A+ on a 1*. You and your brother will grow a lot faster with an established alliance.


Some groups have requirements so it was easier to make a new one, anyway thanks for your input

Actually we have a new player alliance where players can learn the game with no pressure

You can find out more in this thread:

And even more options once your foot is in the door and eventually you want to step up to bigger challenges

Anyways Crew-Cademy has no reqs and pretty chillaxed atmosphere for those still learning

Feel free to flag for off topic if unwelcomed in this thread btw


Hi Deathgaze,

Why don’t you guys merge with us? We are a small alliance but we have a lot of fun, we have 7 people that play several times / day and 3 that are more occasional. We are fighting 5** titans, so we could help you up your game more rapidly. We are chill, and don’t kick people out (unless they quit). We chat a bit and give each other suggestions. We are the Sunshine Crew.

If you decide to stay on your own, that is totally cool. Enjoy the game! It’s fun!

Whoops…sunshine squad. LOL!

How does a merge work? Also would there be 2 leaders?

Hi Deathgaze,

You would have to leave your alliance (so chat with your teammates to ensure everyone is cool with it) and then join “Sunshine Squad”. If our trophy limit is too high, let me know and we will lower it so everyone on your crew can make it in. Our leader is very chill and we all work together. We don’t “take direction” from him per se. If someone has a good idea, and the crew likes it, we go for it. So, if your leader has good ideas and input - we are all ears. Heck, if your entire team has ideas we are flexible. We all have jobs, and other things to do, but we are all pretty much committed to playing daily…but if someone goes on a cool vacay, or has family things - we just let them be until the are ready to play again…it is afterall, just a game.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Our team ranges from level 23-48 players. Our top teams range from 2700-4075. We do not stress if our newer players don’t have the same level of hit power as the more experienced folks.

Anyway, think about it, and get back to me if you have any questions. Have a great day!


I just looked at our trophy limit, it’s 1000…let me know if you want to join and we will lower it to 400 so you can all get in. :slight_smile:

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