Granny's Warriors looking for new members!

Hi all. Our alliance started 13 days ago and we already have 26 members really friendly and active . We are a newbies alliance fighting 1,2* titans and starting fighting wars.
We are looking for active players, no trophies required.
Join us, let’s progress together and make the best of this game!

What is the reason to join an alliance? I am a new member playing for fun.

I have minimal power and am still learning. in the Bronze.

You need to be in an alliance to fight titans and participate in wars. Both of these add an extra dimension to the game plus the chance to gain ascension items that you cannot get from farming the map.
You also get direct access to more experienced players who can help you. Many alliances (mine included, though I won’t hijack this post by advertising it) are happy to take newbies as we love seeing them grow :slight_smile:

Thank you. Sounds fun.


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When you’re looking at alliances, you can look at the profiles of the leader and members to see when they were last active. Make sure you get into one that is active, not one where no one has logged in for weeks. Mine is also a teaching alliance, but we are full at the moment.

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I’m really happy with the results of the alliance. After 4 days,we are 12 members, and just one stop playing. All really active and friendly. I’ve been playing for months,but lost all my progress so I’m helping begginers to start with the game. :

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Just wanted to let you know that if you lost your account, please contact support and we can help recover it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks petry, for now I will stay as I am. Te alliance is looking great, we are already 22members and they are really nice and active. I think I want to live the experience of growing up at the same time as my alliance. But is good to know that I can recover my game

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