🍡 New Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

LOL! YES. The bosses

Here is a quick clip to display the animations


Got the three coins for completing Rare (had seven leftover from last month) and BAM… Leonidas


130 pulls. Queen of Hearts (new to me), Hatter (my 3rd), 2 Neiths (new to me), Magni (new to me), Captain of Diamonds (new to me), Cheshire Cat (new to me).

Between the last Wonderland and this one I totaled 200 pulls to get a single Captain and Cheshire Cat – crazy bad on rolling for those and I’m glad it’s over.


Got to 10 coins again, and puled Carver!

I kept getting Carver in Atlantis Rises too… this has to be some kind of fix! oh well haha

As I usually do, 1 coin pull and 1 gem pull:

Kiril :grin:
Kailani :bread::plate_with_cutlery:

Going to rare 13, no reps. I got 2 chest 1 R.9.

For now the most annoying enemy is that Jabberwok its damage is strong.

I think it’s time to move some hitters to the bench and bring out more utility. Gato is being my MVP

Edit: finished rare, not very tough in the end with a proper setup:

I assembled this for last stages: the key was spread jabberwok damage and protect from the poison ( not being able to clean can be deadly) This is the reason I place Gato in a that position.

I tricked the hatter into stealing elemental link and defense up just before firing Ulmer and Kailani. I made the mistake of having up the Gato buff (invulnerable to negative status) and trolled myself)

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Wanted a cat! Bad! Did 3 pulls got captain of diamonds! And


It is post like yours that often brings me back to reality.

I got QoH after 30 pulls. Almost pull the trigger again for more pulls (was hoping for Alice and Rabbit) but then I read your post and decided not to.


Rare was boring.
Epic was more of a challenge.

End boss battle 2 minutes.


Had saved up 2600 gems and did a 10 x summons nine 3 stars and one 5 star Mr White himself fairly happy with that outcome


@MexxiSteve Congrats on the pull!

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@Dudeious.Maximus He can be a pretty lethal corner sniper. Meaning if there is any glass cannons in the corner he can keep damaging them until the tanks is left. I feel he is a tad niche but very lethal in said niche because his poison DoT cannot be cleansed.

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Thnaks when you see the stats on it, it is vey lucky:grinning:

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90 pulls. No 5 star event heroes (got a Neith and a Richard) … c’est la vie.


Beat rare with this team:

Had to be really mindful of Jabbawock as he kept on KOing Namahage or came dangerously close to being defeated. Here is who is going in on epic on my main:

Been doing good so far. Kinda leveling Kelile as I go along. So having her as my impromptu sniper is serving me well and Hawkmoon is holding her own since I have her at +10 now.


Same result for me. I feel jynxed lately.

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As usual, I post the completion of epic and legendary last stages with 4* classic heroes, as a guide for those having difficulties, with no special heroes, etc. At legendary I was in a hurry, no thinking, just throwing the items in battle to finish as quick as possible.


:disappointed_relieved: I am wondering if I can finish LEGENDARY with these 4* heroes:
Boldtusk, Wilbur, Gormek, Grimm, Triton, Kiril, Proteus, Rigard (all max) :disappointed_relieved:

BoldTusk-Wilbur gives you solid def buff/debuff and attack buff w/heal.

Triton gives you a heal boosting sniper. Kiril gives you a secondary attack/defense buff w/heal and stout stats.

Proteus buys you the time you need for this to work.

2-2-1 is a decent half stack, too.

Bring arrows/axes/bombs, mana pots, and HP pots or whatever you like most.

And probably 75 gems. Kidding. Maxed out, those heroes give you a fair shot. May RNGesus bless you in your attempts.


60 pull…no one 5*!!! rigged algorithm?

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I needed some items but got legendary done.


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