🍵 New Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Does anyone post their scores anywhere, by any chance, as a guideline? I’m never sure which levels to redo to best improve my score/secure tier spots (not counting making sure to redo levels if I ever lost a hero).

I think the best guideline is to check the leaderboards in the app. You can see their scores and usually what teams they use for the event, unless they hide them behind Aife’s so no one knows what they used. I check it when I’m having difficulty or even just to see if there is a better way than I’m using to clear stages.

I think that cat got into a fight. Congrats on getting a scrapper.

Legendary End Bosses, collecting loot and summon Hawkmoon from Event Tokens.

Much more tough than Morlovia.


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Done - Epic. My last hero had 7 HP remaining!

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For Rare I used Ulmer Hawkmoon Nashgar Gil-ra & Gato didn’t have any real problems but carpet bombed the bosses with arrows and axes on the last two stages to b sure.

For the Epic event my team was Boldtusk (10)Tiburtus (5) Li( 5) Proteus (10) Wu Kong(10) again didn’t have much issue but carpet bombed the last 3 stages with axes and arrows again to be sure.

When I completed the Epic event I had enough coins for a free pull at the event summon and I managed to score Shrubbear :smiley: feeling really good about my 11 pulls in this event


So rare complete, epic complete and 3 stages left of ledgendary. I’ve also redone 10 stages of rare and 4 in epic and a total of 2 chests. Never had then this rare


The Team that completed the last Legendary level

The missing item is Dragon Bombs.


Five stages left in legendary. Did a dozen extra in rare each time a monster mission showed up. Only one suspicious chest so far.

I must have extraordinary luck then.

I’ve only done rare and epic (1 repeat in epic) and have picked up 5 chests :S

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After 2 kind of practice runs, I finally took down Legendary. When I go through I just try to get it done the first time and then I will go back and do it with different heroes or try to use no items, etc. I was finally able to beat the legendary stages and they started adding the new heroes. But in Pirates I got through and then in Avalon I did use 3 continues but then I went back and beat it with none and a different set of heroes but I was impatient on that one.

This time I was only facing the 1 new hero with rabbit and since I had Mitsuko she took care of Alice. My really big problem is that I have for the first time in 17 months of playing run out of mana pots. I have no mats to make any size so it made things a little harder. I don’t want to waste time farming for stuff to make them so I just use more nukes than I probably had to just to get it finished.

Below is the team I used and a screen shot of the final boss going down. I went in with them all charged as well. I have only seen ONE!!! chest in the entire run through in legendary and I have played about 5 of the other stages in each diff and only the 1 chest so far. Anyhow, I took Kiril +20, BT +6(he was +3 in the battle), Magni+8, Joon +9 and MItsuko +8. Without the mana pots I had to try to be careful to make sure a shield was up if they fired. Mitsuko had to be active too for Alice and that negates her skill and takes her attack down as well. If only I could reflect White Rabbit(I guess Ursena would reflect that damage and the def down? Unless in v.25 they changed that, I know there was discussion about it).

As I said with no mana post I played safe, I used more items than I likely needed to finish. Took Time stops, and the nukes. Mitsuko was hitting them for about 150 hp damage and Joon and Magni were doing from 450-500hp damage. I went to take out Rabbit first. Previously I went for Hatter but that was a mistake. I aimed at Rabbit instead this time. Hiting him with tiles and the skills a few times I also used the time stops so they didn’t really fire. I did lose Kiril in the fight but managed to take the damage down to low enough where I could fight to the finish.

They have just about 7000hp each and the nukes take only 1000 (axes), 1500 bombs and 2000 dragons so you can get 4500 off of them but still have a decent boss fight. Using the time stops really helps and I might retry with Proteus and Rigard and and maybe Kiril, Magni and Mitsuko. Using her take a full spot but she take out Alice by herself.

It isn’t easy and they are very strong. They took out Joon and Magni in a prior run just with a few slash attacks. Now I will fight Epic and Rare as well.
Epic will be Kiril, BT, Triton, Grimm, Proteus and I will see if that works.
Rare will be Valen, Greymane, namahage, Nashgar, Buchan. I beat them all last time but that was before the rabbit and jabber were there. Hopefully epic and rare aren’t that bad. I think they could pull things back about 10% even though I did get through it it took a LOT to get there. But at least I didn’t continue.
Hopefully I get Wilbur from AR this time. I actually would take him instead of a 5* from AR. He is so useful that I think he’s worth it. I would love to have Aegir but he is only in my Alt. He is incredible but WIlbur might even be more versatile.

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Thank you for doing this. I managed to do legendary without continues as well. Last time in Avalon I used 3 continues which I never do and ended up doing it after that and not needing any.

Your post is super helpful since I know personally that I only have 1 5* from outside S1 and while I do have some good 4* like peters, Proteus, Triton, Gadeirus, etc. I know many don’t and also while WIlbur is a nice game changer I don’t have him. From what I see he really makes things much easier too.

I do have all those heroes you completed it with but I don’t have Sabina at max yet. She is only at 4.4x and she wasn’t a priority since I had all the others already. I also have LJ but not amxed. The nice thing though is that in my ALT account which is completely F2P I actually have those heroes except Sabina. So it is possible to finish these events as a F2P. It will take time and I do have 1 TC20 that I run when I can sinec I don’t play that account much anymore. Sad too since it has my only HOTM, Aegir. I have gotten decent heroes from the single pulls or Atlantis coins. BT, LJ, Grimm, Kelile, Scarlett, Chao, etc. The only thing I really lack is a true healer like Mel/Sabina/Rigard. After that I will have a nice bunch.

Do you find a real use for the tornadoes? I don’t use them much and only recently started using them with titans. Are they that helpful with bosses? They do add mana so I guess that helps in itself. Esp. since I have no mana pots and I need to farm for more stuff to make them. can’t believe I am actually out. Its my own fault using them on every titan with Wu to get nice scores.

Thanks again!!!


With Ursena, I know she replects the damage (and the allies can as well) but does the effect from Rabbit get reflected?

I used MItsuko and she goes with Alice and I think she reflected her Attack down too but I have to check. I ask because this was an issue in another thread about v.25 and the change to Ursena/Guin… I know that is a different issue but just wanted to see if this effect was reflected. I will have to check again but I think Alice had her skill reflected as well.

That is the team I would LOVE to have. I have held off on leveling Cyprian and Boril since I got them so late in my progression and they seemed like their usefulness passed but I guess events would have them shine especially when used with a reflect like Mits/Ursena.

I actually think it is.
So far every event I have done, I have pulled Carver with my free coins lol.

Where’s the Rage Quit/I’ll See You Tomorrow thread?

20 pulls and all base game 3’s and 4’s plus a Shrubbear (which is OK, cause I think you only need one).

This now brings my event summoning attempt total to about 1-kajillion (<— This was a rough estimate, it’s actually only 0.9882 kajillions), and thus far my only event 5 star remains the glorious and unlevelled Guardian Kong.

But hey… this beats pirates which took me about 60 pulls to get me 3 star fish boi (who I actually wanted), and 2x Boomer (who will be uglifying my bench for eternity, tacked up there like some hideous moth on a wall).

Dear Event Summons, why do you hate me so?

No Guardian Kong, I don’t need to be comforted right now. Go back into your corner!!


Oh, but Sabina is in there only as healer. May she be replaced with any healer you want, even Melendor, though is green. LJ is the star among classics for this kind of stages, because he slows down the bosses. In rest, absolutely everything may be changed. If you remember, last event I used Scarlett, another good hero in here due to her ability (besides, she’s fast). For example, at stage 14 blues do better (QoH is tough). Like a Grimm + Kiril. Anyway, just for the completion, I guess any classics will do, but I recommend 2 healers, for not occupy the items slots with healing potions. The videos you watched, were the first try. What I’m trying to say now, the challenge can be finished by anyone as long as the player has some 4* heroes and an upgraded forge. A very old event guide of Anchor was pointing out is the most important thing for a new player or F2P player; the forge.

As for tornado, is the most useful item for legendary. More combos - better score. Besides, replenishes mana. I use 75 tornado at least, 5 per mission. One run and I don’t need to rerun any mission after. In the first 2 days I’m always still in top 100 with only one run and I don’t need more, because my goal is the first 1k at legendary; where I will remain, obviously. So, the tornado for me is useful only for a better score, not for finishing. A better score for me, but for the top 100 players works differently. Using tornado is a great disadvantage because of the time. They have another system and this can be learned from Uclapack videos. For you? Not really necessary, but I would lie if I told you is better without; because is not. The catch is it works great with time stop. If the player has troubles, may use tornado, more times in a row and the bosses may be already charged, but they won’t fire. Because using a tornado doesn’t count as a turn. So, 2-3 tornado, a lots of combos, all your heroes are charged and just before to make the next move, kaboom! A time stop. This can be seen in my video.

Legendary is very easy because these 2 items. Is like a walk in the park and can be finished with any heroes you have. The epic challenge is really hard, not legendary. At epic you rely only on puzzle, you don’t have tornado to save you from a horrible board in the middle of the mission. Any hero should be choose carefully, items as well. This event is better than previous one, related to items. Last event the players were forced to take in one slot antidotes. At this event, we don’t need antidotes, so only for this reason and I can say is much easier. Beside, if you compare the length of my videos, you will see the last event took me 2 times longer to finish these stages with the 4* classic heroes.

Bottom line, yes, you should finish legendary easily if you bring those items at last 2 stages. As for epic, show me exactly your roster and I will make a video with 5 of your heroes. As for items, I guess you have 3 stars.


I am currently on level 13 on the Epic level with a rank of 153k. Anyone got any tips about how to go about improving my rank? My line up is GRIMM (blue), KELLIE (red), MELANDOR (green) all maxed with talents, PROTEUS (purple) maxed to 3/60, and WILBUR (level 4/2)

Are there any obvious weaknesses in my line up?
I have GRIMM as my tank, is that the best position for him?
Are there preferable Battle items I should be using?
Any other tips to get better point scores? (my highest score is 59k and my lowest is 31k)


Being blunt, you have nowhere near the lineup to compete for rank. I wouldn’t waste battle items or anything trying to get a higher rank. You need to just try To complete the challenge and keep leveling your heroes.


Don’t use melendor or any green. Do you have a different color healer you can use? Maybe boldtusk for double red?

Also don’t worry about the score just try to complete it.


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