New Recruits/Members Welcome

Hello Everyone GU Academy Still Need Good Players/Members.
War Is On Now, But You Can Still Join And Meet The Team. Join In On The Next War and Defeat Titans.
By The Way We Have A 6 Star Blue Glacial Mammoth. HP 492652 Time Left: 5:23
Stop By And Help Us Take It Down.
Search GU Academy.

Do you use discord? If not if I set up a discord channel would that be something you would be interested in? If so I can tell you about myself and we can see if we would be a good fit for each other.

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Hello ScubaNate,
Thanks For The Reply. I’m On Discord Under GU Academy. Here You Can Also Meet Some Of The Members Currently In The Alliance.
So Yes! Sounds Good!
Here’s An Invite To The GU Academy On Discord… This Link Only Last 1 Day.
I Will Be Available In The After Noon Easter Standard Time.

Hello Everyone, I’m Online Now Waiting To Welcome New Members.
The Link For Discord Is Posted Above.:+1:t5:

Hello Everyone, War Is Almost Over! Come In Join Now!! I’m Online 09/08/19 2:51 PM EST

Come To Hunter Hall :+1:t5:

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