••::ANNOUNCEMENT!::•• GU AND GUa are both recruiting at this time



:white_small_square:GU TROPHIES.: 1800+
:white_small_square:GUa TROPHIES.: 600+
:white_small_square:TITANS & WARS: Just communicate when cant play and stay up to date on our strategies.
:white_small_square:DISCORD free App to stay connected
:white_small_square:YOU: active, communicate, & has genuine desire to improve at E&P with peer support.


:white_small_square:GU: 9-11* (2nd-tier harpoons + good loot)
:white_small_square:GUa: 3* but growing fast [edit: now 5*]


:white_small_square:Sorry no free beer, just Kool Aid
:white_small_square:GU and GUa have their own Discord server channels created by us and made for us. Will add you to it. Lots of juicy game info plus great resource to share screenshots for game help.


:white_small_square:Global Underground [GU] is a well established alliance (~2yrs) w/a variety of members from all over the globe. We’re serious abt the game and one another, but the chats are positive and supportive.
We want new members who enjoy learning the game and want to grow his/her roster and main defensive team. We use strategies for every alliance war and the goal is to use all flags! (Vacation? No prob, just tell us in chat and uncheck the war-box.)
:white_small_square:GU Academy [GUa] is newly formed and made for you! It’s for gamers seeking to improve but maybe not ready to step into the highly competitive global alliances that require so much but give so little… Not GUa, our goal is to help YOU. Why? Cause we want to recruit you onto the sister GU alliance when you’re ready! :wink:


:white_small_square:My name is Swank, and I’m GU’s current leader. I’m a mathematician by nature so I may be serious at times and take my role as leader with a heavy heart, but I don’t rule like a titan and as long as you communicate with us then scheduling is flexible.
Since most of the team has been together over a year, we’re tight and I want to see us continue to grow with new anxious team players eager as we are to be a full 30 member team of players who are kind to one another and supportive for growth in the game!
Also as leader I try to research and read up on game news and updates so I can fill the team in on info and answer all questions!


LineID: swank8632
Discord ID: swank#8632


As a newer member to GU, I can attest to everything above. Definitely a group you can stick with for a long time. In the short period I’ve been a member I’ve already learned so much and taken my game to anther level!


GU Rules! This is the beginning of a dynasty. Join our forces!


read me! GU is a fun time and you should join!

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GUa has joined forces with an awesome group of players and is now 14 strong!

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We have new Logos! -Thanks ilban!


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Did I mention GUa now has its own Discord channel live?!

  • chat (outside game w/preferences for all notifications)

  • share pics & video

  • built-in browser

  • browse game content like Titan tips, farming maps, challenge event info, calendars, beta news discussions, hero cards, …

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Update: GUa alliance is now up to 5*Titans

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