Level 28 and 24 looking

We are looking for an active alliance that doesnt have super high levels. Mainly 20s and 30s or lower. Have tried being in strong alliances and getting your ■■■ whooped by strong titans and tough wars isnt fun. Tried just the 2 of us and war matchmaking is horrible. Pics are helpful :slight_smile: thanks in advance. Good luck everyone.


Hey Zanks25!

Rise Against Academy is recruiting. We usually have 9* titans and war is FFA with green tanks. 23 members currently:


Hey there, player level isn’t indicative and shouldn’t be a end all, be all indicator of how well a player will do.

Our alliance has at the lowest level a 36, highest at 94, taking on around 7* to 9* titans (used to be higher when we had more players), wars are optional and we are using purple tanks at the moment.

Most of our alliance members, the active ones that is, gained their levels by “growing” with the alliance and have been there for more than 3 years. Some of them had humble beginnings / rosters and eventually grew to empires (to each his/her own) they have now.

We are casually ran. Come check us out if interested.

Technicolor Minds


I recall how difficult it was to find a nice, friendly and engaging alliance early on. I´ve often been tempted to start my own, dedicated to new players in hopes of providing them with the home and guidance and companionship I was missing.
Because it can really be uphill in both Wars and versus Titans when in an Alliance where most members are far superior to our own hero collection.

If you are out of luck on the forum - I know there is a Discord Channel for the game here: Discord

I am not active there myself, but I recall that has a recruitment/alliance advertisement section, so you never know. But this forum is filled with nice people too and lots of Alliances, so you´re probably covered :blush:

I wish you the best of luck finding a new Alliance. :four_leaf_clover:


This is our new shop that just opened… U are welcome to give us a try.

We are one of the last original franchises in the game and as you grow and progress you can graduate to another shop. Whatever you decide I wish you every happiness.

:popcorn: :beers:


Join the Mythic Syndicate, I’m the only high level player and we only have 4 as it is. We can build it up together.

Come check out Battle Misfits. We are a great group and have seen many come in as lower levels and make their way on up. Lots of encouragement and cheers.

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