New Quest ideas, new, revised, and past

New/Revised Quests

Sherwood Forest quest.

The game already has at least two members of Robin Hood’s gang; we have Little John and Friar Tuck, with Derric being a maybe. Why not give us Robin Hood himself, and give him and his gang members a family bonus of their own? Robin Hood and his merry men will give you their help if you help them offend off either poachers and their Forest or a corrupt sheriff of Rottingham. Or perhaps they simply challenge you to see if you are worthy of joining their band.

Ranged Weapons Camp quest, or, Archery Camp quest.

Several Heroes have special abilities that involve visible flying weapons, like arrows, shurukin, and throwing axes. The proposal is that we get taken to a camp where the opponents will have nothing but special attacks, no regular attacks, and they will shoot arrows at us whenever it is their turn to attack. And maybe all heroes except the ones that are archery related are disabled. (While Sharan doesn’t shoot arrows herself, she is still an Archer, and thus should be present to heal her comrades.). The suggested reward for this Quest would be low level trainer Heroes.

Goblin-Orc Camp quest.

Your party arrives somewhere and you find an evil/rival Goblin-Orc camp that must be eradicated. Here you will find opposing you every single Orc and Goblin character from the game. The first stage will consist of the lower level Goblins, and the last stage would consist of the most elite Orcs, including the legendary ones that could only be summoned during certain months, like Anzogh.

Ancient Battlefield Quest.

Richard and his closest friends enter a field at night, and as they are crossing it they note the ominous feeling about that field, and then Richard cries out an alarm that they are being ambushed, and then all three stages of this Quest would be fighting off all of the skeletal and other undead Heroes. And these attackers would be in position of skeletal minions. Suggested reward would be low level dark trainer Heroes.

Goblin-Orc Camp quest

Update; even though he and his stupid balloon look totally out of place in this game, I suppose Zocc could be one of the three boss enemies at the end of the final part of this hypothetical Quest that I think Small Giant should create.

Rivalries among the Gods Quest

Personally, I find the current quests to gain aethers rather crappy, boring and uninspired.

I propose a new form of quests to earn such items.

Well I have in mind is for the gaining of ice/water aethers;

You get summoned by Njord, the Norse god of the sea, and by Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, and the two are at each other’s throats over who is the higher god.

And by higher, they mean ascended, ascended beyond the limits, breaking limits.

And thus you must go through a watery trial where you get perks and buffs for using your water Heroes, just like the current limit breaker quests, only the once I am asking for have a story.

Atlantis calls for reinforcements Quest

Just as there are quests that earn your small trickle of gems, there should be quests that earn you a small trickle of Atlantis and Norse coins.

I’m thinking that there could be a quest where Atlantis calls you for help for three stages because they are under attack by the cursed undead of the ocean, aka the current pirate faction.

And an exchange for your help they give you a few Atlantis coins.

Samurai Rebellion Quest

Mitsuko approaches you and thanks you for helping her after her former master slashed her, and left her for dead.

And now she calls upon your aid once more. A good number of the samurai that still live on the archipelago have rebelled against her swearing loyalty and fanatical vengeance on those who have killed their dead master.

You have to put them down.

Suggested reward: 3, 6, and then, 9, Atlantis Coins.

I like how creative you are by adding those. Zynga doesn’t deserves you.

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Panda-Monkey Bamboo Quest

I still think this one’s an excellent idea. Unite the pandas under one banner so that they have a sense of comradeship when fighting together, even if they are all of the Holy element.

I consider this particular one critical because of a plot hole that was created during the season 2 story.

The plot hole being Mitsuko’s fate.

Lion-Zulu Safari Quest

I think it would be nice to give the season 1 fire heroes that clearly reflect Zulu culture a bit of story of their own.

P.S. I still think giving them mesoamerican costumes was a stupid idea. It would have been much better to create actual mesoamerican characters. Aztec and Mayan, you know what I mean.

Atlantis Mermaids Quest

Gill-Ra is a mermaid, and yet she uniquely stands out as a member of The Lagoon family rather than a member of the Atlantis family.

Is there a reason for that?
Was she banished? Was she sentenced to death and she fled for her life?

I think it would be nice if the characters like her and the other lesser Atlantis Heroes would get a bit of a story background.

Such a quest would be a good opportunity to find out.

Sherwood Forest Quest update

It stands to reason that Robin Hood would be a nature hero just like a Little John and Friar Tuck.

I would recommend Maiden Marion to be Holy, the sheriff to be Fire, and Prince John to be Dark. Though the last two could be swapped I imagine.

Did I forget to mention that I think the reward for each Quest stage should be in Atlantis Coins?

A commodity that are ridiculously difficult to get your hands on during Atlantis Rises?

Personally I think that SG uniting the Heroes of the Month under a Year-Family was a super awful stupid idea.

Instead The Heroes of the Month should have been adopted into new families with characters that actually bear a resemblance to them both culturally and genetically.

Anzogh, for example, should have been made a member of a new goblin/orc family.

Given their importance to the overall story and the fact that they are the main narrators, I still say that Richard, Vivica, and Elena, should be formed into a family of their own. And with that comes family bonuses.

They will undoubtedly be, from a narrative point of view, involved in any new quests that might show up.

Preferably from quests that are inspired by the ideas that I presented in this forum. :smirk:

I just finished the Shrikewood quest for the 50th time. At the end of it each time I win, the characters talk about how they might one day explore deeper into the forest.

Why not use that as an opportunity to introduce Robin Hood and the other characters that are not already included?

We have Friar Tuck and Little John already. Create the Robinhood family and integrate the two vanilla Heroes into that family.

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One of the biggest problems I have with the newest quests that have replaced the quests I liked, such as the Pirates Quest, is the fact that they are introducing new Heroes that are absolutely revolting to look at. The Circus Heroes :circus_tent: are disgusting and the Slayers are not much better.

We DON’T need new Heroes.
What we should be getting instead is changes and reforms to the season 1 Heroes.

I imagine Boldtusk would serve as the captain of the Orcs And would probably be the one who initially greets the heroes should they approach the camp at the start of the quest.

Hello, I’m new to this whole forum thing, but wanted to attempt at throwing a stellar idea out there…

When battling teammates, we should have the option to change the battle setting (example) all special skills set to very fast, arrow barrage…etc. this will give players a better idea of how their teams shape up for an upcoming war. Just a thought. I have many other ideas but just want to see if i get shot down first lol. Take care.

Good idea, but the new ideas presented here concerned quests and seasons and other adventure opportunities.

I’m one of those people who cares more about the story than for the gameplay. :grin: