Panda village quest

Since this would be taking place in a holy place, and the residents within are all about protecting home and Good karma, then I think it would be natural that all dark / poisonous heroes be disabled.

The person that greets you and welcomes you to the village tells you that the dark/poisonous heroes are not welcome.

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EDIT: Since this holy village is a place of training, then the reward could simply be yellow trainer Heroes.

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GIVE ME THE PANDAS :hearts::panda_face::hearts::panda_face::hearts::panda_face:!


They’re trying to double the number of challenge events, aren’t they? So far we’ve had two released and one just announced for next month. Whatever they have in mind for the others can’t possibly be more appealing than a panda village.

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The idea would kill multiple birds with one stone.

It also walks hand in hand with my idea of having all the pandas and possibly other Asian-lore characters the United as a bamboo family.

Can you imagine a bamboo insignia?


I do hope the devs would really consider this idea. I think it is a good one.

Suggested reward would be low level Holy Trainer Heroes.

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You think they would… they already have a game with … lack of a better word “gross” hero’s. Why not keep this one with animals and the mystical human creatures need more like Athena also. Slayers were just blah shoulda went to the other game. Imo


I get it but … pandas improve everything…

If you had a panda in your back yard. Literally anything could happen to you. And you’d just have to look at that clumsy cuddly panda and you feel relaxed and somewhat ok.


A good one, but then Sha Ji carried my early journey all the way to season 1 level 22 before Melendor and Raffaele came the party in the epic window

Yeah, I agree, where is our bamboo event?

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They introduced gross Heroes into this game with both the slayers Quest as well as season 4.

EDIT: did you read my post criticizing the new Slayer Quest when it came out?

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I may have missed your post Rick but yes, many of the new heroes make the old ones seem like trash.

The idea for another event where we can actually use the heroes most of us already have would be great.

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Not sure understand.
Are you referring to when I said that the season 1 Heroes are obsolete, or are you responding to where I said that all the newest heroes from season 4 and The Slayer Quest are aesthetically displeasing to look at?

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You asked whether I’d read your Slayers post, and my response was that I may have missed it. I am also not of the opinion that the Slayers are aesthetically pleasing.

On the other hand it is not the first time I’ve seen this. For example, when I first saw Gretel, the card somehow looked ‘grungy’, again that is my opinion but i was not pleased because the ‘clean’ look that other heroes like say Elena, Richard and Layla have was not present in Gretels card.

I agree… but I think the topic is the Type more then the Art…

more fantasy art wanted vs less zombie cut up looking heros

This picture is convincing. I would vote for pandas!

Sorry, ran out of likes.


Here, please do add your input.

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I also think that if any new Panda characters get created, they should be green instead of yellow.

I 100% agree SG needs to improve current quest first. The daily quest are a joke! For the WE you can get the same amount of recruits from 8-7 then you get from the recruits quest. All the others follow suit…iron,food, exp. The only quest I do are obviously rare and the battle items quest with a raid flask and 2 LG mana. The others are a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!!! It goes with out saying that the rewards to to be improved drastically.

Have you seen my new quests forum?

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