Safari Village Quest

Here is another new Quest suggestion for Small Giant to consider;

An African safari themed quest.

The vanilla heroes encounter one of the Lions or one of the Zulus, and The person talks about the lack of water in this hot, dry, environment, and how only the Strong can survive here.

As the combatants are all fire element, I suggest that the reward a one star and two star fire trainer heroes. A three star at the 3rd and final stage.

The bosses, of course, be the five star lion, and the five star lioness.

I’d rather have SG improve the existing quests and their rewards than have a new one. Having one more will tend to bite our a§§es one day, as if it hadn’t already. Players sometimes are already complaining of having too much to do in a limited amount of time.

Have a read: Does anyone schedule these things to happen all at once? / Too many activities/ Overlapping Rare Quests, Atlantis Rises, Alliance War, Class Trials, Raid Tournaments, etc MASTER


Those must be really fanatical xp farmers.

Still, SG has been implying for years that there will be newer upgraded quests. Such as looking deeper into the ancient city for more gems, or having a vampire queen or King to engage in combat.

I am mainly trying to get the ball rolling with new quests because I’m tired of the current ones.

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Of course, given that this would reflect Zulu culture, the word the characters would use instead of “village” would be “kraal”. (Pronounced like “crawl”)

I could see this (or any new quest in general) - but only if it shares a quest slot and alternates (similar to Tavern/Ninja Tower)… The last week or so has been ridiculous with the amount of quests…

I am not sure that I follow.

Since this puts emphasis on the hot environment in which the location is, and emphasis on fire itself, I think it would be natural that all ice/water heroes be disabled.

this is more like another one of the uncommon daily quests

Yeah I was picturing this as one of those three step quests, not a five step or 100 step quests.

As this is in the African plains in the middle of the day during the summer, it is mercifully hot, and water is scarce, so water Heroes are disabled.

And the rewards are fire :fire: trainer Heroes. One star, two star, and then either two two-star trainer Heroes, or one three star trainer Hero.

Interesting dynamic! Would be nice to see newer dynamics.

In addition to making sense story wise, it would also prevent the player from accessing the one element that is strong against the Zulus and the Lions.

I just went over the two star and one star Heroes and found that there is at least one two star hero, also fire, also African.

And that there is at least one Holy hero that represents African culture.

Suggested reward would be low level fire trainer Heroes.

I see that pandas are very highly beloved.

And yet lions don’t get anywhere near as much love from the players…

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