Panda village quest

We have two-star panda, a three-star panda, and a four-star panda. Panda bears everywhere.

We also have a pair of those humanoid monkeys from Chinese mythology, one is the infamous Wu Kong, and the other looks like a two-star cousin of his.

I was thinking that maybe you could create a new quest where you were sent to a monastery, hidden deep in a bamboo forest, to receive some holy training. And the opponents you spar against are these pandas and monkey-like creatures.

-I was also thinking that maybe you could create a new form of token-coins, that could be spent whenever holy heroes are on specialty. These would be your reward for completing this quest.-

P.S. as there is only one four star panda and one four-star monkey, I was thinking that you should throw in the costume versions to add variety to the opponents you will face.

EDIT: scratch the tokens part of the idea. Instead, the reward I suggest are simply yellow trainer Heroes.

Sad for being overlooked.


Yep, Bai Yeong.

How about Hu Tao? Gan Ju? Hou? Sha Ji?

and he is a good panda…

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Forgive me for forgetting about him I thought he was one of those legendary heroes, not available from the training camps yet.


The trajectory of his flying weapon is very weird.

Aren’t those the names of the pandas that I had referenced in my original post?


All in all, new quests is what small giant should be focusing on rather than stupid ideas, like how to further increase the maximum height a hero can reach.


I agree, but I’d rather not keep up with another portal summon currency.

I’d be down with an Epic Hero Token and Ascension Chest at the end though…

Yeah I slept on it, and had a change of mind. Perhaps the reward should be yellow/holy trainer heroes.

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maybe this could be some kind of mono elemental quest, where holy heroes get a boost while dark heroes get a penalty

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This is never ever going to happen

Why not?
Seems to me like a reasonable suggestion.

I’m in :panda_face: lol and as everywhere. And I want a female panda hero!!! Female pandas matter too

This is so far against anything SG is used to cant you see that?

If they can deviate in one direction, then they can deviate the other way too.

giphy (2)


“John West endures the worst to bring you the best.”

Since this would be taking place in a holy place, and the residents within are all about protecting home and Good karma, then I think it would be natural that all dark / poisonous heroes be disabled.

The person that greets you and welcomes you to the village tells you that the dark/poisonous heroes are not welcome.

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