New Player Looking for Help building teams (I know, yet another noobie... :) )

Hi everyone!

I found this game and fell in love with it immediately. For the past month, I have been reading and reading and researching. I spent a fair amount of gems on summons and have a rather large roster. unfortunately I am uncertain how to synergize my teams.
Before the Atlantis summons I was using Grimm, Melandor, Boldtusk, Seshat, and Rana.
I liked them, but now have no idea where to begin after the Atlantis summons.

I am asking for help in building a solid titan team, which I can then level up.

Secondly, a solid raid defense that I can level up. (or raid attack team if I undervalue my defense to keep trophy count low… I guess this is a tactic to easy wins…?)

I have depth in roster but none are leveled as of yet, and my current alliance has opted out of alliance wars, which is fine by me for now since i’m so new. But if you have advice for future alliance war teams I will listen and save the information happily. :slight_smile:

Lastly, how many and which 3* should i keep and level? Which should i feed?

Thank you in advance taking the time to give me help and advice. I am grateful.

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Keep 0, 1 or 2 of each.

You don’t need any Renfend, Dawa, Greymane, Ishtak.

1 of the utility heroes like Kailani, Gunnar, Brienne and 1 of the slow mana like Ulmer, Hu Tao, Skittle etc.

2 of each healers, snipers and mana reducers.

There are only 2 reasons to keep more than 2.

  • legendary
  • game changer

Stop leveling 4 and 5 star for now, max about 10 3*, then 10 4* and then start your 5*.



Take the following *3 heroes to 3.50 first

Yellow: Bane, Melia
Purple: Balthazar, Chochin
Red: Namahage, Azar, Hawkmoon
Green: Berden, Belith, Brienne, Mnesseus, Hisan
Blue: Valen, Gato, Gunnar

Then start working in the following *4

Yellow: Li Xiu, Chao
Purple: Gafar, Cyprian
Red: Boldtusk, Wilbur
Green: Hansel, Melendor,
Blue: Kiril, Grimm, Sonya

Take these *4 at least to 3.60 and start max them to 4.70 as soon u get the mats

Once u have all of these *4 at least at 3.60 start working in your *5

Yellow: Rana
Purple: Seshat
Red: Ares
Green: Atomos

At the same time focus your building to Stronghold, Iron Storage and Training Camp…Rush to reach TC11… So you can get feeders for all these heroes at low cost… then focus on your farms and food storage…

Have many heroes to work on… if you focus on your *5 from the beginning your progress will be extremely slow…


As others before me have said, focus on building your three star bench, then four star, then five stars. As the higher level heroes need the materials that drop from the higher level activities. For the three stars, here is what I would personally keep, I am regulating it to five different heroes per color per rarity.


Yellow: Kailani, Bane, Gan Ju, Arman, Melia

Purple: Chochin, Balthazar, Gill-Ra, Renfield (only for 3 star purple stacking. Otherwise he is pretty mediocre.)

Nature: Mnesseus, Muggy, Belith (or Friar Tuck), Brienne, Berden.

Ice: Valern, Ulmer, Gunnar, and Gato. *If you are feeling saucy and want to keep 5 of Gato to fully emblem up for the rare difficulty in the seasonal stuff then do so as the top 20 people go mono team with a full team of fully emblemed up Gatos.

Fire: Azar, Namahage, and Hawkmoon.


Dark: Sabina, Cyprian, Gafar, Jabbar.
Holy: Li Xiu, Chao, Danzaburo, Hu Tao.
Ice: Grimm (the highest attack out of all 3 pulverizer bros), Agwe, Kiril, Sonya.
Nature: Little John, Melendor, Hansel (one of the top 4 star nature heroes), Caedemon, and Kashhrek. Feed Gobbler into other heroes because his style of play is EXTREMELY niche. There aren’t many heroes that are minion focused.
Fire: Wilbur, Kalile, Gormek, Boldtusk, and Sumitomo.


All the five stars you have are really good. You do not need dupes of them but having another Seshat never hurts at all. When leveling any hero though feed one stars first until they can barely make a dent in the xp bar. After that then start feeding two stars and so forth. I am very jealous of your roster. You got some awesome heroes to work with. You are gonna be busy for a while.I


As above, start with the 3s is the general solid advice.

However, you can get by without them. I’m not advocating it, and you’re doing the right thing asking for advice early on, but when I started I was clueless and ate all my 3s. Abandoned the 5s temporarily to max a rainbow team of 4s and some extras after finding this forum, but never got around to the 3s. I might still some day, but the pathetic loot from tourneys and rare events sure don’t make them a priority.

Again, not advice. Just perspective.


Thank you for the advice. Starting with a mostly 4* team is where I think I will begin. I agree that 3* are useful when playing the rare event, but I would like to skip dumping all that food into them and begin at the 4* level. I looked at the loot and agree that there’s not much to be had for maxing a team of 3*.

Thank you so much!

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Welcome to E&P @Oriontron!! Glad to see you on the forums. As others have already stated, HOLD OFF ON LEVELING YOUR 5*!!!

I’m talking from experience too. My very 1st summons in this game was Musashi. I spent well over a month leveling him to 3/70 and there he sat, quite useless, from 6 more months. Meanwhile I was useless on titans, couldn’t complete a single special event and got wrecked in wars and raids.

Luckily I found the forums here and listening to the advice from the extremely knowledgeable players I started leveling and max’ing my 3-4*. I now have a quite formidable squad of maxed 3-4* and a few 5*.

It takes quite some time to accumulate the needed Ascension Materials (AM) and it can be very discouraging for a new player. The 3* are quick and easy to level and will give you solid base to build on.

You already have a incredibly solid roster of heroes. I would suggest to stop summoning, save your gems and money, keep an eye out for ascension materials included in gem deals, join an alliance, kill titans, help in alliance wars (AW) and raid to become accustomed to your heroes abilities.

Good Luck and may RNGesus give you all the AM’s you will need!!

P.S I apologize for the long winded sermon but I’d hate to see anyone repeat my many mistakes. I almost quit because I was going nowhere. But I learned to use these forums, and the helpful players, to once again love this game.


Thanks all for the advice. I will begin leveling. I have a tc11 pumping away ( SH11).

Assuming all of my heroes were maxed, which would you pair together as a team for Titan, raiding?

IMO, For Titan:

Edit: It should be include Ares* in Green Titan.

For raid, stacking with 2-3 color vs tank color opponent is great start IMO, bring one or two healers and supporter buff att/def debuff def/att and mana controller.

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Thank you @jinbatsu!
I had not come across that thread yet. I can see that building teams with a +atk and -Def would be very complimentary. This table really gave me the visual perspective I needed.

Super Thanks!

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