New player looking for advice

Hey all any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been playing (for free) for about a month and a half. I have only 1 4* hero (Sabina) and I’m really struggling with how to get better. I only have Sharan for a red hero right now. I guess I’m wondering if I should swap out my current dark hero (max level Prisca, my first 3* other than Bane) with Sabina and start looking/leveling up a new red hero? My troops are great for red but Sharan just isn’t cutting it anymore but I hate to drop Prisca since I’ve dumped so much into her… And I feel like I really need a healer on my roster… Any help would be appreciated also, I’m in an alliance but they’re not very active so anyone willing to help a dedicated (free to play) player feel free to message me :slight_smile: thanks in advance guys


Hi @Kat_the1andonly,

Welcome to the Forum.

First thing to say regarding your heroes: Don’t feed your 3* to another heroes! For successful playing you’ll need much more heroes than just a single rainbow team. So, keep playing with Prisca while maxing Sabina.

Since you are free to play (f2p) you can only rely on Training Camps and daily summons. A chance of getting 3* from a daily summon is low. So you have to either max some 2* heroes for the beginning or spend some money (3* heroes are nearly guaranteed in an Epic and elemental summon) to speed up your roster improvement.

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My advice would be to build you first 3 star team, and to never feed the gem to higher star heroes.
Level as many 4 star teams as possible
Don’t chase 5 star heroes because they are extremely hard to level and emblem

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Hey thanks for the quick response! I have TC 13 just haven’t researched yet I have a decent pool of 3*… Isshtak prisca (both maxed) bane lvl 48 Valen lvl 50. I also have berden and brienne at lvl 1… 2* heroes: Olaf and brogan both maxed and Layla at Ascension 2 lvl 22. I’ve been using everyone else as feeders lol

So… Should I swap Sharan for Sabina and leave prisca (no red hero losing out on epic troop) and just cross my fingers on an eventual better red hero to swap prisca out or…?

Well, start TC13 and at least you’ll get some 3*. TO max 4* heroes you need to have enough ascension materials (fine gloves, compasses and others). If you don’t have them, 4* heroes will be not more useful at their 3/60 level as a maxed 3*.

You can definitely use Sabina as she is much better healer and at 3/60 is competitive to all 3*. But you don’t need to leave Prisca. You can use two purple heroes. It is especially effective agains yellow enemies. It is called color stacking (use of more than one hero of a color). The more you have heroes of a color the higher damage is inflicted by tiles of this color.

For some time you can play without a red hero and then you’ll surely get them.

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May be you’ll find this tutorial useful:


Level at least 10-15 3* that way you can compete in rare quests and get mats for 4*
Good 3* regular is
Red - hawkmoon azlar janiguer
Blue - valen gunner olmer
Green- belith brienne berden
Purple- Tyrum Balthazar
Yellow- bane gan ju girl who starts with k

Kat the first advice I will give you is the BEST you can get…CHANGE ALLIANCE, if they dont help they are NOT worth your time. There are MANY MANY helping alliances keep looking until you find one.
Sabina is a very nice hero. Get her on you active roster, dump Sharon… Good Luck and fun gaming.


Thanks guys! Swapping out Sharan and color stacking until I get better red hero is what I’m going to start doing as soon as Valen is maxed thanks for the advice and I’ll check out the info thanks again guys!

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Welcome!! You’ve come to the right place for help. Plenty of capable and willing minds… just remember, it’s a game… your game. So always have fun. :slight_smile:

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