You're Doing it Wrong! - An E&P Guide to Avoiding Silly Mistakes

Hey everyone! I’ve made a list of the top 10 mistakes I frequently see players making. I thought it would be helpful to make a video about it to help players avoid these. Check it out…


Hey that was a pretty awesome little tutorial.
Very kind of you to make it.
Roar @NittanyLionRoar Roar !


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The first and biggest mistake → installing the game. We are doomed anyway, no escape for us, but may be hope for others :joy:


Thank you @NittanyLionRoar, your videos are mandatory viewing for most of my alliance. They are extremely helpful. This one is excellent for the middling new players.
Grasping the reason to ghost tiles seems to elude many players. Although it should be common sense, it’s not :man_shrugging:t3:


So true. Players don’t get it that you are only charging the opponent’s mana when you hit them with off-colour tiles.


I did the upgrading of only my storages and food/iron production buildings and the tower first on my alt acc’s using a VIP pass and had them both up to SH20 within the 4th month and on SH21 by the mid 5th month ( now about to hit the 6th month)
My main goal was getting harpoons to help the alliance with bigger titans, wasn’t worried about winning raids, concentrated on a single 3* team with what other 4* s I picked up along the way.

I had my tc’s to level 4 as that gave the best value back then, never once crafted anything other the the first 2 levels for hp and mana potions and the rest came from winning quests.
Don’t regret it one bit as that helped with speeding up the rest later.

Also in the war as I teach all beginners, there is so much you can do with an unleveled 2* all the colour (mono) team if that’s all you can get in your roster as that will avoid bigger hitters wasting flags. I actually have a full written manual in our alliance Line App for wars, titans and rules which explains the how’s and why’s of being in an alliance.

Nice job @NittanyLionRoar

Although your right in your comments about the odds for summoning 98% my 5 star heroes came from the first or second pulls doing single pulls only with no more than about 4 to 6 summons a month and only during events on each acc. I now have 4 or 5 five stars in each with a couple hotm.

My main acc which is now nearly 2 years old started doing 10 pulls within the first 5 months and never got a single 5* then I thought about it and changed it to singles pulls only and 5* s started to come in droves and now have more than I can do anything with, even having to feed some to themselves to make room in my hero storage because I refused to pay the 300 gems for extra space thus now only having about 35 left with around 20 duplicates having been fed. Also what made me change is if you pay attention to every post that displays what they pulled doing 10 pulls and some have posted doing in excess of 10 or more ten pulls at once and none have more than 1 or maybe 2 five stars in any one set but many more than not have no 5 stars and that unnecessary wasted cost of gems is what got me to thinking and changing how I do them.

This was and still is my personal experience in this game not undermining the suggested odds or that they are any different or better between the 2.

I have included your clip in our Line App also for others to watch.

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