New-ish to the game and I think I may have made a mistake. Help please?

:flushed: So I realize that I probably should have been a bit more focused in my levelling… But I haven’t been. I have 30 heroes (and 11 feeder draws, hence the hero count). I’m pretty sure I have made some bad choices about leveling them but I would really appreciate any advice going forward.

I have kind of guessed and received some tips from my alliance about my defense team but have since picked up some more heroes and I’m not sure how to put them together.

I have attached some screenshots of a few teams (just drew Miki yesterday).

I can’t ascend BT yet, unfortunately, but trying to level Kiril and Ariel at the same time just seems like a terrible experience (soooooo slow).

Please help a gal out, wise ones!!

What are some good lineups for the heroes I currently have and who should I prioritize leveling?


I would take Kiril as far as you could before working on Ariel since you probably won’t have the necessary telescopes to max Ariel. For yellows I would prioritize Guardian Jackal since he will help a ton against titans. Green I would work on Friar tuck until he is maxed or you pull a decent green hero. Purple Ameonna and red Namahage. As far as defense teams I would use the 2nd one but switch Ariel for Mnesseus.

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Hello new-ish player :partying_face:
You have some great projects in the hand and have currently made some decent leveling choices.
Firstly, even though Ariel is considered the top healer in the game, don’t bother leveling her right now. Leveling 5* is very costly and take a lot of time and resources and you probably don’t have the materials to ascend her anyway. A 3/60 or maxed Kiril will serve better than a 2/60 Ariel.
Red : Ascend BT when you have the blades. While waiting, Namahage and Hawkmoon are good 3*. Consider finishing Azar, as you are almost done
Blue : Kiril and Grimm to 3/60. Max Gato and Gunnar. Don’t touch Agwe and Greymane anymore, they are garbage at best🤣
Green : Max Brienne first. Then do Tuck if you have no new green
Yellow: take Jackal to 3/60 first. Chao next. Kailani if you don’t have any more projects
Dark : Ameonna to 3/60. Cho-Chin and Gil-ra are 2 good 3*. Tyrum is useful, do it if you lack projects.
Consider leveling your 4* to 3/60 first and build 1-2 rainbow 3/60 teams. It will make you acquire the ascension materials and help you clear rare quests and events.

Have fun


Your defense team looks pretty good imo. Although I would stick Balthazar at the very back as he is very squishy. Just have him swap places with Ariel.

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I had read some people saying Hisan was quite a good green, but I think maybe that’s just in very specific scenarios?

Messy roster for sure.
1/ try to focus on 1 rainbow team at the time.
2/ save the 5*'s for later, hard to max.
3/ have 1 or 2 teams of 3* maxed (very useful all around).
Friar Tuck, Agwe, Greumane are at best 2th rate,
.Needler as probably past his usefulness
4*'s Bring to 3/60 or higher Kiril, Jackal, Grimm, Chao.
3*'s your choice of maxed one is good.Gato, Brienne,Nama,Gil Ra, Gunnar, Hawkmoon, are worth the effort.
Have fun.


I just got Hisan in June and maxed him in July. I have a lot of maxed four-stars and even one five-star, but I still like Hisan. For where you are, he’s an excellent hero, and not just situationally.


As well, what are your thoughts on Nashgar or Jahangir? Lord knows I have been defeated by them on opposing teams in the past. :roll_eyes:

Hisan prevents opponent healing so he is very not situational.


Nashgar is good all around, Jahangir being slow has a problem staying alive long enough to fire his special.


Ok, as advised stop leveling Ariel for now and concentrate on Kiril. Do one hero of each colour at a time. Don’t worry about Miki until later too.

You have a pretty good start on a 4* rainbow team so work on finishing them off. Then work on 2 rainbow 3* teams. Then you can start prioritizing for needs.

On defense you have Kiril and BT who will overwrite each other’s buffs. Best to use one or the other, not both. BT has a better attack buff but Kiril also buffs your defense. Since you can’t control when the AI fires the specials they don’t work well together on defense team. They are fine together on offense as you can decide when they fire their specials. BT is the better tank, I’d use him.


Jahangar is only useful for 3* rush attack raid tournaments.

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So is Kiril the only one I should replace on my defense team, in your opinion? Who would you advise I replace him with?

Generally it is best to use a rainbow defense team. You could maybe use Brienne for her attack buff or Hisan for the healing block. Hisan is fast mana so I’d lean towards him. Also work on Grimm too and use him for defense debuff instead of Ariel. Too many healers makes your defense vulnerable. You need hitters to do damage too. Keep in mind your defense team also needs to be able to attack. And Balthasar in the corner.

That should give you lots to think about.


Thank you so much for your time and effort =)

There are some great advice rooms via line if you’re interested.


I’d recommend a couple things:

  1. You spend gems on increasing hero capacity so you can hold more feeders, rather than spending gems on any summons. When it’s 50 or 100 gems, those slots really help with efficiency, as you can can get to have 10 on-color heroes feeding the hero you are working on.

  2. Your defense team should have Kiril on it, not Ariel since Ariel is almost unleveled. I’d probably do Melia-Kiril-Boldtusk-Hisan-Balthazar right now. Gives you rainbow defense, and the 3* heroes are maxed and emblemed. I don’t care that they overwrite each other’s attack buff, as the defense buff & the heal are both good. You may decide you don’t liek that, and it’s okay, but I’d go with the heroes you have taht are pretty decent and far along. defense teams are going to lose a lot anyway.


I’m always happy to have more resource for help =)

My line Id is ladyundeadpool

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Back to my keyboard now so I can give some more detailed advice.

And this is why I always recommend leveling a couple of rainbow teams of three-stars first. Especially with the completion rewards for challenge events potentially jumping even more, you want a team that can complete all of them, including switching out the reflected color for another hero in the color that is strong against the reflected color. The good news for you is, it looks likely that the first re-vamped challenge event will be Avalon (reflect blue; weak against green). Doubling up Mnesseus and Hisan would be a great tactic to finish the rare tier of that event.

More good news is that you have some excellent three-stars, and many of them already maxed with emblems. You are set for your first two rainbow teams with Bane and Melia in yellow (great choices!) and Hisan and Mnesseus in green (also great choices!). In purple, Balthazar was a good choice as well. I’d go with Tyrum next, as he is fast mana and a dispeller. A compelling case can be made for Gill-Ra, as she’s the only three-star cleanser, and her debuffs are great, but she’s slow mana, and does no damage. Don’t ignore Chochin somewhere down the road, either.

Your real problem areas are red and blue. That’s not surprising, as I’ll bet you drew Boldtusk and Kiril and stopped leveling three-stars in those colors. Since Boldtusk is stuck for a while, it shouldn’t be hard to convince you to level some red three-stars now. You’re closest to done with Azar, so I guess I’d finish her, even though I don’t love her as a hero. Namahage would ordinarily get my vote for being your next project, but since you don’t have Belith, Hawkmoon needs to be your priority here. You need an all-team healer. In blue, Gato is great; I’d make him a priority. Valen is, imo, the best blue three-star, but if you don’t have him by the time you finish Gato, Gunnar is also an excellent choice.

Back to green and yellow. You don’t really have a lot of other options in green, and Brienne is far superior to either Friar Tuck or Isshtak. Also, be watching for Belith and Berden, who are both worth leveling. Only level Isshtak and Friar Tuck if you need them for class trials or war depth. In yellow, Kailani is a poor man’s Gunnar, but she’s a cleric, if you need that for class trials. Otherwise, with Bane and Melia (the two best three-star yellows, btw) already comfortably leveled, I’d take Jackal to 3^60, at least. His defense down against yellow is a unique skill, and he will be useful for you for a very long time. Chao is one of only a handful of easily obtainable rangers, so he’s also worth leveling, but not before Jackal. I’m jealous of both of these, as I haven’t gotten either yet. BTW, seeing Needler with 10 emblems makes me super happy. Needler was my homeboy for a long time at the beginning of the game!

Finally, don’t worry a ton about your defense team right now. All defense teams lose a lot at basically any level. What you need is depth for war and color stacking, and the best and fastest way to build that right now is with three-stars. I do agree with those who said to use Boldtusk as your tank, though. He’s quite sturdy. You might consider going with Gunnar at tank at some point, though. For a while, at your level, he’s quite good there, and Boldtusk also makes a good flank to him.


Amazing!!! Thank you for such an incredibly thorough breakdown!

Truly appreciated!!


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