🗿 New Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Rewards chart…look here

Thank you! I’m looking for the rewards chart. I have the one from 4/19, but it’s outdated. Doesn’t match the rewards in the new event. This is what I have now…

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The rewards are in the top post of this thread.

You can also see them in the game under the Rewards tab.


Thank you! :cookie: :cookie:

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I’ve seen the list of rewards and in game. I’m asking if there is an updated poster/ chart like the pic I just posted.

I don’t believe Mariamne made a new version of the consolidated screenshots like that for Guardians.

The ones that had new versions are here: 🌟 Memento 5 Challenge Events

And @Guvnor made some for the other events here: 🌟 Memento 5 Challenge Events


Okay. Tysm. I’ll stop searching. Lol

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Is this a good place to post scores? I’m looking to do fairly decent in the rare tier and wouldn’t mind comparing. Here’s my first run through.



Definitely, and nice start!

Thanks. I have a pretty decent teacher. :wink:

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would truly appreciate it if a constant top 1000/500/1000 player could share how many points they’re getting per stage.

lvl3= “Form”

Check out this guys alliance mates summon results… Wowzers

Speaking of statistics, anyone else have coin/chests stats? I’ve spent over 100 WE now at rare3, 0 chests. I was getting 1 per 15-20 WE for the past 4 events… Anyone else?

Something like this?

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I’m more looking to see more recent experiences on this particular event, because I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of runs before in all of the previous new challenge events, and it’s noticeably different this time around.

RNG? I blasted through rare and saw 3 chests. Who knows?

It seems super interesting to me how in that thread there are both people with similar experience as me before ( about 1 in 20) and as me now (100 runs nothing)…

With nothing in between. It’s either or. Either there’s some sort of selective bias at play, or there almost seems to be some sort of seed value that puts you in either camp. Although that’s bordering on tin-foil hat level, the number of runs seem pretty significant on both extremes to be attributed purely towards RNG

But thanks for the link!

Yeah, you never know. Things can change for sure.

Finished Rare and Epic with zero chests, never seen this low drop rate.

I followed up the horrible 10 pull with 4 singles, but this time got Wu Kong, Chao and 2 Bat all of whom I can actually use, so not all is wasted. Probably will not pull anymore and save rest of what I have for Atlantis.