🗿 New Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

I had 1 in Rare, 2 in Epic and 2 in Legendary. Can’t remember specifics though.

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Sweet pull, congratulations! I, too, got back-to-back 5* event heroes in my pull:

Trade you my Owl for your Panther :wink: :laughing:


I think this changed slightly, I did several repeats of stage 12 and it was always yellow monsters, not a single green. Could use more inputs for confirmation.

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How are the levels involving Gazelle, does she make them more difficult?

I have a rewards chart somewhere. Still looking

Rewards chart…look here

Thank you! I’m looking for the rewards chart. I have the one from 4/19, but it’s outdated. Doesn’t match the rewards in the new event. This is what I have now…

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The rewards are in the top post of this thread.

You can also see them in the game under the Rewards tab.


Thank you! :cookie: :cookie:

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I’ve seen the list of rewards and in game. I’m asking if there is an updated poster/ chart like the pic I just posted.

I don’t believe Mariamne made a new version of the consolidated screenshots like that for Guardians.

The ones that had new versions are here: 🌟 Memento Challenge Events - #2 by Mariamne

And @Guvnor made some for the other events here: 🌟 Memento Challenge Events - #198 by Guvnor


Okay. Tysm. I’ll stop searching. Lol

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Is this a good place to post scores? I’m looking to do fairly decent in the rare tier and wouldn’t mind comparing. Here’s my first run through.



Definitely, and nice start!

Thanks. I have a pretty decent teacher. :wink:

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would truly appreciate it if a constant top 1000/500/1000 player could share how many points they’re getting per stage.

lvl3= “Form”

Check out this guys alliance mates summon results… Wowzers

Speaking of statistics, anyone else have coin/chests stats? I’ve spent over 100 WE now at rare3, 0 chests. I was getting 1 per 15-20 WE for the past 4 events… Anyone else?

Something like this?

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