Join Crystal Magic

We are an active and fun alliance. We’ve been together about five months now, with a range of abilities and a trophy minimum of 1600. Clean play and chat, active players, solid teamwork.

Excellent Safira,

Let people know what level titans you are facing and your current membership total. I have a vacation coming up where I’ll have to step out of my alliances for a bit. If you are short on membership, I can pay a visit, but I’ll be in Australia with limited connectivity for about 3 weeks a bit more.

I’d be happy to visit and share some game knowlege with your alliance mates as long as I wouldn’t interfere with filling up your Alliance. I’d have to opt out of War though or I’d skew your matchups too much for you to compensate with my limited activity during that time.

I could also join your Alliance general chat on Line to help answer questions.

Censure/Prophet of Loss


We are facing 4 and some times five star titans but we can’t beat the five stars so we mostly do for stars

Ok, when I visit smaller alliances I really try to only do (Titan Health/#members) damage to it and that helps keep the titans from getting too large for the Alliance to handle. I’m not sure if you are in Spicy Academy chat on line, but you can PM me anytime. Just make sure to include your Alliance name in the greeting so I have a point of reference. I’m in a lot of chats.

My Line ID is: ottosven

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