Fix the Alchemy Lab & Alkashard rewards

I recommend the following changes to the Alchemy Lab.

1.) For the AL 9, increase the odds for a 4* ascension mat. Incentivize players to use that feature and justify the 150 gems, ham and items to run the transmutations

2.) For AL10, allow the player to pick the 4* mat they want after transmutation. That will create a flood of players to get to AL10, knowing it guarantees a specific ascension mat.

3.) Cut down the required Alkashards from 10,000 to 5,000 for the same rewards. This cuts down the time it take by half and gives better opportunity for the F2P and C2P players to take advantage of the feature.

If anyone else have ideas they want to add, please post in here. Hopefully the community can make enough noise for the Devs to make a very necessary change to a broken feature.

Thank you!

This is a major issue for many, if you compare the Alkashard rewards to gems, the emblems and other things are not viable, this is a resource and gem intensive adventure, my feeling is the costs for rewards should be halved or we should be able to choose two items for the 10k Alkashards.


You can’t compare the shards to gems since most of the gems are for the transmutation, not for the shards. Well at least from SG point of view.

Since all the free transmutation are basically useless for me, I would like it if SG cut all food/item cost by at least half and increase the emblems rewards for the shards myself before I even think about building the lab.


I made that argument already in the other thread, but as much as I like the ideas here for level 9 and 10, these are not the ones that are completely terrible, in fact, they are the only ones when the cost justifies the gains (at least you put in stuff that is technically worth less than what you take out).

Meanwhile, levels 1-8 are terrible because they guarantee items which can be obtained MUCH easier directly than getting all the ingredients they require, making these levels completely absurd. These ones should be completely reworked. Farming alkashards shouldn’t be the only reason we use Alchemy Lab for. What I am thinking is for example that level 3 instead of changing 24x asc 1* + 57k food into 1 asc 2* should allow you to change 1* asc mat into a different asc 1* mat for a little food/iron cost (but more 5,700 than 57,000). Hell, make it even 2:1 ratio. But not ridiculous 24:1 for absurd tens of thousands of precious ham because that’s insane, it is like making people pay 100,000 food and 10 1* heroes to buy random 2* hero while they can just train one in the TC or obtain it from running the map for 3 energy and 45 seconds.


I agree with @MAGS661 after seeing the real outcome of the Alch lab in video forum this idea is extremely effective for the gems vs the rewards. I think this should be reworked


I agree 100% with mags here since the time and effort it requires i think the reward is way to low


My opinion is that there are multiple issues with AL that should be dealt with using a complete overhaul of the system. Here are the big issues as I see them:

RNG – Too much RNG leading to lack of choice

$ - outrageous expense

Time – excess time to generate mats

Output – the output is either inadequate or undesirable

Buildup – Running the AL leaves excess 3* unfarmables with nowhere to convert them

One big problem was that the alkashard emblem output was nerfed by 75% in beta over the objections of the vast majority of beta players.

@MAGS661 's solution is excellent, but it only addresses the output problem, and the RNG issue for level 9 and 10.

Here is an example that illustrates the larger issues:

Level 1 of the AL has problems of RNG, $, time, and output. I have over 35,000 level 1 crafting mats. Let’s say I use 30,000 of those and run AL 1 1000 times. I will spend 31,000,000 food and get 1000 level 2 crafting mats and 2000 alkashards. The problem is that I have excess level 2 crafting mats, and even if I did need them I would likely need only one type. The output of mats is not very useful, and getting 20% of the way to a 4* mat after spending 6 weeks and all my food on this is ridiculous.

Here is a more radical solution.

  1. Make levels 1-10 of the AL convert items to alkashards only. Items means anything including 3* and 4* unfarmable mats

  2. Make the conversion costs and times much more reasonable so that one can really use it to get desired items. Enlist beta players and forum members to have input on what is reasonable.

  3. Make the alkashards into a store, where you can “buy” everything from 1* items all the way to 4* ascension mats and emblems.

  4. In order to limit PTW players, limit the number of 4* mats or emblems available in a month. After that, the store is out of those items but you can still get other items.

As an example, I would convert some of my orbs into alkashards which I would use to buy lumber which I need for events…or common herbs into leather strips, etc.

I know that RNG is the theme of E&P, but it doesn’t work well with the Alchemy Lab – choice is everything!


What moron even wastes their time on the alchemy lab - completely useless waste of time and resources

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I believe that is the point of this thread… To fix the Lab so that it IS a valuable use of resources & time…


Amazing ideas brother! Dang, you really thought this one through!


I agree 100% with @MAGS661 on this topic. The one change I’d like to add to his list…allow us to pay gems to skip the wait times. I’d gladly pay gems to skip a few days. Thank you.

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I agree 100% with @MAGS661 on this. The AL needs a make over. Especially since the regular chests has been nerfed. I’ve been tracking chests for over a year, and something has happened in that department. So letting players choose what 4* mat they want, increasing the odds a bit, and cutting the cost in half, only seem more than resonable. Given that it will take a very very very long time for most players to even be able to build the AL in the first place. Give them a reason to push for it, not several reasons to avoid it.


100% agree with @MAGS661 on this.

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Care to elaborate?


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Some very good ideas from both of you (+ @Epigenetic), thank you for taking the time to put in some great feedback. When I was thinking of changes, mine were more along the lines of @MAGS661 's suggestions but both are constructive and would really boost the credibility & value of AL. The more people that use it, the more gems it chews up…best case scenario for SG and players alike.

The reason I like choosing the mat (whether it’s AL10 or the reward) is because, when you make something (whether it’s a cake or steel), generally you know you’re going to mix certain things and come out with something else. It’s not like baking RNG gives you brownies when you expected cookies. At the very least, reducing the alkashard count to 5K and getting to chose that 4* mat would be a great first step. But if you’re going to fix it, you might as well overhaul it with some of these other suggestions and just do it right the first time.

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This would certainly make me consider using it…

TBH this was the last straw for me - after this came out, with the greed involved it was finally enough for me to drastically reduce how much I paid into the game.

It’s too late for me now, I’m liking paying less. But the annoyance initiated in other players when they get to this point could be avoided. Just saying this update certainly meant they got less money from me. Might be the same with other players… Maybe noone are as suborn as me tho… Still, annoying your player base is rarely a good thing, and this has certainly done that.


Hi @zephyr1
You closed my topic, I understand why, but you could give me some time to reply the replies, BEFORE closing… I mean it doesn’t matter if you close it a day after I read and replied all, isn’t it?

The main issue, I asked sg. already existing — but I did not know about. This is the point! When an Alchemy Lab appears for a gamer? At which Stronghold level? 20 or 23? When a simple mortal gamer get the Alchemy Lab, please? After 2 years of hard farming and building (not using money), maybe?
I’m just playing the game for weeks already 10 heroes of 4* and 5* of mine are awaiting for rare ascending materials! It is only a question of recruits and foods commonly available and easy to farm or buy. Not like ascending materials.
I guess I’ll reach the Alchemy Lab in months. So the Alchemy Lab isn’t a good answer for my Self TRADE house. As training and crafting, also a self trading could be applied (like the barracks) up to a certain level could work like the crafting buildings, having levels inside.
This is what I mentioned. I do not think a (my) Trading House is similar to the (game’s) Alchemy Lab — even having common parts.
Please be aware, I’ll see an Alchemy Lab after dekades :smile: only while you already own one.

Alchemy Lab is either stronghold level 22 or 23, APotek. At stronghold level 20 you reach stronghold level 20. As far as waiting for ams is comcerned: this is a slow game, everyone waits. You won’t achieve a lot by buying ams, these items are given to you.

really great ideas there ! I love it ! Hope that SG will listen…
Note : under current transmute conditions, I’d say that a tenth of the ham cost would be reasonable

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Hiya @APatok, obviously i’m not Z but I can try answering some of your questions.

If your thread got closed it is likely that it got merged into an existing thread rather than fully closed. If it was closed its because all the questions posed have been answered by linking to other threads where discussion can continue.
If the thread got MERGED, it means that your original post (and all subsequent replies) are now “replies” in another thread. This is done because the content of the Original Post (OP) is so similar to another thread, leaving both open would create clutter & duplicate answers etc… Merged threads can be replied to, so you can still reply to any coments on your original post.

Alchemy Lab is available for construction (conversion) at Stronghold Level 23. You convert an existing building to the Alchemy Lab (most people use a Forge if they are building the AL).
Most people should (with the VIP) be able to build the AL after 6-12 months of play time DEPENDING ON ACTIVITY level… more active you will be able to get there faster. Without VIP its about twice to 2.5 times as long a period (12-18 odd months).

It really is… It’s the same concept as what you were asking for… You wanted a way to convert some of the items you have an excess of into another item you really want. That by definition is the Alchemy Lab…
And For The Record, any additional buildings would be implemented at a stronghold level HIGHER than SH23… meaning it would be even FURTHER down the track for a new player to access…

Possible but unlikely. Zeph has been a pretty loud advocate of how useless the AL is and has on a number of occasions said it would be the LAST thing he builds… even when its the only thing left to build & research he’s said hes not sure he would convert it…

But the uselessness of the Alchemy Lab is the point of THIS thread… to make it effective & something that people will actually want to use…

You can read more about the Alchemy Lab on this thread below:

NOW back to the topic of actually fixing the existing Lab!