Need line up advice for defense

Have these leveled w/ some emblems. Noob looking for advice for best defense line up: Joon, Sonya, Mother North, Kelile, Sartana
Thx everyone!

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Put them in this order:

Mother North | Sonya | Sartana | Joon | Kelile

Sartana is less than an ideal tank hero, but your other best tank option is Mother North (who’s better IMO on the spot I recommend her).

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If that’s your total available choice I’d go

MoNo Joon Sartana Sonya Kel

Unless your Sonya is completely stacked with emblems, then she might go centre

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Sonya on left flank is better, as per @DaveCozy

Well done @DaveCozy :medal_sports:

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Thx for the great info, will adjust.