Need help with war material? Where is the best place to farm Hardwood Lumber?

Where can I find this piece of wood the best in season 1 and season 2 ? Sample : S1 21/9 asline_1552778184368

This is an excellent guide to where to farm different crafting materials:

For Hardwood Lumber in particular, it recommends Season 1, 10-8.


It’s worth noting that Hardwood Lumber is rare enough that farming for it is not very effective. The drop rate is quite low, so you’re typically better off farming for other priorities, and just making the best use of the Hardwood Lumber you get that you can.


The information in this table is incorrect

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How so? It’s based on thousands of runs of stages.

The information in this table says Chapter 21 for the piece of wood. I’m confused !!!

Right. This is the problem with 3* and 4* crafting items.

The drop rates are so low — even in the provinces with increased rates — that the randomness is noisy, even across a fairly large data set.

So if you look at a sampling of tens of thousands of runs across different stages, as that project does, you still end up with unexpected results. That is, better results in some spots than expected.

What the spreadsheet recommending 10-8 is telling us isn’t really that 10-8 is an amazing spot to farm Hardwood Lumber.

What it’s telling us is that Hardwood Lumber is so rare, that a random run of luck can easily exceed the results from a Province with an increased drop rate.

That’s why it’s not really prudent to farm 3* and 4* crafting items.

It’s better to farm for other priorities, and just make use of the higher rarity crafting items you get along the way.

@BarryWuzHere or @Garanwyn anything to add to that?

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I played 4 times but didn’t give the piece of wood:(((((

Thanks for the information.

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That’s not very surprising, based on the observed drop rates, unfortunately.

And that’s why it’s not really worth farming for Hardwood Lumber specifically. You’ll have a lot of runs without getting any, even in places with better odds for it.

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I’d like to ask a different question. Was the beta player selected? I’m tired of looking at my e-mail address every day. I really want to be a beta player

They’re still working on selecting new beta players. Some have been added, but they haven’t finished going through all of the applications.

That was mentioned during our recent AMA call with the Staff:

Choose me to reduce your busy work :slight_smile:

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lol well it’s not up to me, I’m just a fellow player. :slight_smile:


You are a good person . Thank you :slight_smile:

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I spent a few months farming S2 P12 stage 10 hard for midnight roots and I gotta disagree that you can’t farm for 3* items. I was able to get about 300 midnight roots for 3 months of farming that stage. No it’s not a LOT but it’s certainly what I was going for lol. There’s gotta be a hard level in S2 worth spending loot tickets on to get lumber.

It’s not that you can’t farm for them, it’s that you have to run stages a ton of times to build up a stock, and you’re presumably making a decision to forgo other priorities to do so.

3 months of farming is a lot of farming…

If you were going to take a similar approach of multi-month farming of Season 2 for Hardwood Lumber, presumably you’d just hit up something in provinces 13, 19, or 21 that the game says have an increased chance.


Yeah you gotta run them lots of times but that’s what makes loot tickets great. It saved you the hassle and the tedium. Instead of auto farming season 1 and babysitting your phone you can just dump 3 loot tickets for 30 flags and get decent results in 5 seconds.

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I farm Season 2 15-8 Hard with loot tickets pretty often. But that still provides a good crop of recruits sufficient to sustain all of my tcs 24/7, so there isn’t the same tradeoff that farming some levels for other item priorities has.

Season 2 Hard seems to be a more reliable source of 3* and 4* mats generally.

It seems to be…but hard to say, since the limited data collected so far can’t confirm whether that’s the case or not.

I’m sure there are plenty of farming superstitions, just like summoning ones.

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