Need help with war material? Where is the best place to farm Hardwood Lumber?


Did you know that you get 50% more nuggets if you collect loot from farming on a minute that is a prime number? This chance doubles if the seconds is also prime.



…actually way more logical than many of the superstitions for summoning.


He only runs 8-10 ten times. Statistically, 10 times is to small for a reliable sample size.


If you’re talking about @BarryWuzHere, he’s compiling data from as many sources as possible, including all existing published farming data.

If you’d like to contribute more run data, he’s always looking for volunteers.

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My farming guide doesn’t actually check if there are enough results to be statistically valid or not very well (YET! That’s on my todo list!)

1:10-8 only has 10 runs reported, and I KNOW that isn’t enough to be statistically valid.

Taking a level that probably has enough data, 1:8-7 drops .043 Hardwood Lumber per WE. That averages one hardwood lumber for eight runs / 24 WE.

A very good level might have double that, but you still are talking very low average drop rates … and with that low a number, randomness will be huge–you need to do something like 20-50 runs to “average out” well.



does this prime # thing really work? ive been struggling to farm those stinky gold nuggets ever since i leveled up my forge.

i was soooo excited to make tornados&then to find out i needed nuggets… well, lets just say there’s lots of words i can’t use here to describe my reaction.

why is it that those are the only 4star item needed to make 3 different items?? i used to have a 60+ supply of super healing pots&over 30scrolls…&now i have 0 pots&5scrolls-&only 11nuggets after a week of farming for them.

for some reason this little thorn in my thumb bugs me the worst. i can accept my sad team of 4star heroes…&my inability to get 5star heroes anywher…&my awful raid win %…&the horrible war matchups w/many-war losing streak…&that awful boost given to defenders that kills my team often…all these thorns take away from the game but im used to them!! the nugget shortage is the worst by far…

sadly I will not be able to progress in season2 hard levels until i can find a few (hundred) nuggets-so i will def be trying to farm on the primes!! any other advice is always appreciated!


《 i am… requiax 》


No, no no…that’s why there’s a :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: at the end of my post. Nuggets are scarce. Farming S2 has helped my inventories, but even there they are not abundant.

Take a look at the drop data in the thread linked below. I suggest you look at the more detailed data rather than just blindly accepting the “best” recommendation (which, for nuggets, is 1-5-8). For things as rare as nuggets, small differences in recorded drop rates are certainly within measurement noise.

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