Where's a great stage to farm leather strips?

Atlantis is going to resurface again and I was wondering if the best stage to farm it is in there or if it’s in S1. Thanks in advance!

I suggest you look this guide up Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide
It says S1:10-9 (Also S1:10-ALL). RNG driven but most likely to drop Leather Strips from the data collected.


I’ll try that stage. thank you! Has anyone else gotten more from other stages based on personal experience?

Honestly Barry Farmz here will be all you will need. He’s very exact in his testing (as much as he can possibly be) and has helped me immensely. I’m constantly checking back with his farming document as I need specific materials.

Note: also it really depends on your availability of WE. Like I’ve found S2- Province 1/1 and 1/2 to be very good for recruits and backpacks plus string. This is 3WE during AR, so it suits me due to volume.


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