Any crypt mushroom on map?

As I am finding any, after I don’t receive same goods as shown…I need to find 5 of them by end of the day. Thanks :crazy_face:

Hope that helps

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More specifically you can click any item in your inventory and it tells you what provinces have increased odds

As you may not have any mushrooms to click on I’ve done it for you

And yes I have some spares if you need them

Each stage shows the possible loot, though it’s random what it shows. Province 11 shows the shrooms.

It’s still rng man :man_shrugging:

I’ve already used 2 world energy potions…so far only 3 crypt mushrooms…THAT IS WITH using 50% MORE items sourcer🤯

Thanks! I am all good,all 5 to craft beer banner collected…after like 20 battles + using 50% more items sourcer :exploding_head::crazy_face::hugs::rainbow::unicorn:

The increased chance isn’t a guarantee. And the information wasn’t false. Your lack of gratitude for people who try to help you is pretty poor form. You’ll get no more help from me

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