My kingdom for some rope

I never thought I would be asking this, but does anyone know the best farming for… ROPES?

I am at 0 ropes after exhausting HA 3 and I would really like to tie a lot more stuff up in my kingdom. Appreciate any help!



You mean like this dedicated data farming guru who made an entire Farming Database for the E&P Community:

Normal time hit up 6-8 (or anywhere else in province 5, 6 or 7). During Atlantis, Hit up Province 11


Thank you!
I also wanted to use this topic as a vehicle to bring awareness to the community of the chronic rope shortages that will soon be facing all of us. Stay strong and support each other.


This is a great point! I love HA3 and was realizing just earlier that i am slowly reaching my end

You are slowly reaching the end of your rope…

… ba dum tishhhhh


This thread made me check my stocks. Good thing I don’t use HA3 as my small stash of ropes would be depleted in less than 2 days straight non-stop.

It goes by quickly! I had about that much and now I’m at about 300 left :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

7000ish was almost 2 years’ worth of stockpiling. I just did 4 runs of 6.8 and not one rope. It doesn’t seem to a very common crafting item

I guess HA3 will end up having very limited usage because of this shortage

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I don’t use alchemy lab at all despite having it maxed, do you know if it could be created in any of those levels?

What’s the rope used for? I have only 1781. TIA. :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess you’re better off using HA7 instead, though it requires 45k food, 30 recruits, 5 wooden shields, 5 leather armors and 5 sharpening stones and training lasts for 9 hours.

One of the requirements in training 2* feeders at Hero Academy 3, each training requires 3 strong ropes, 8 recruits and 11k food. It also may be used to transmute in 6B to create rare farmable ascension mats and one of the most shards produced without using gems.

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Wonderful, after 20 months I can train 600 x 2 stars. My cup runneth over… :laughing:

EDIT: everytime I read about the HA it sounds worse and worse…

Not really. While many a players detest Hero Academy, some players still do have the hope in them in getting past HOTMs and old event heroes, including legendaries from Atlantis. I belong to that group of players still hoping. On the bright side, it is the only structure where you can train troops and trainer heroes of various rarity. For now, I am working on HA10 (retrain legendary) and HA6 (train 3* troops), the latter allows me to store iron there. I just wish SG will allow players to use 3 different functions in HA, like what Alchemy Lab does.


This thread is actually super helpful to me as a new player. The excitement when getting rope now will be completely different :smile:

Good to know what is to come, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes indeed you should be excited to look forward to the end-game rope management mini game and others easter eggs like it


Backpack shortages are so last season.


So I tried out 6-8 over about 8 runs. The rope return was very poor (1 rope every 3-4 runs). I went back to my regular 5-8 farming and end up with 1 every 2 or 3 runs (sometiems 0, but sometimes multiple, including one run with 3).

I know it is a very small sample but personally I will do my rope hunting in 5-8 for the moment as it seems to have decent rope returns compared to 6-8 plus the backpacks, nugget and other drops are decent too.

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