Need Help with Titan Team Please

After reading several posts on the forums here, I am confused on who to finish leveling up for my best Titan Team. I could use some help which each colors best please.

These are who I have.

Green: Melendor 3/60
Caedmon need to lvl up (NtL)

Yellow: Wu Kong 4/5

Purple: Guardian Panther 2/60 Tiburtus NtL

Red: Khagan 2/60 Boldtusk 2/50 Sir Lancelot: NtL Gormek: NtL

Blue: Richard 3/3 Grimm 2/10 Kiril 2/20

Im assuming Melendor and Wu are Set in Stone here. Guadian Panther too? I cant figure out my best combo at all with Red and Blue. Any suggestions before I keep wasting time leveling back and forth?

Against titans you want mainly (in order of importance according to my personal opinion, except wu kong who is some kind of must even if tarlak may de-throne him in the near future):

  1. color defense debuff: panther
  2. defense debuff: tiburtus, gormek, grimm
  3. attack buff: wu kong, boldtusk, kiril
  4. crit bonus: none of yours

Even if Panther is very important for his color defense debuff, I think you won’t get the most out of her until you have another 2 or 3 purple heroes to party with her, so I’d do Tiburtus first who is good also in rainbow teams

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So you are saying the best team out of those to choose from is

Wu Kong
Boldtusk or Gormek?

What characters have crit bonus that are easily gotten?

With that line-up:

Wu Kong
BT or Gormek

I would chose BT. Gormek’s Pulveriser is great, but you’ve already got the other two. BT will help strengthen your whole team and give an offensive buff that you’re not getting otherwise.

Plus, his healing is just enough that it might keep Wu, Tib, or Grimm alive long enough for another special. All of them are great but on the fragile side.

The next question is, do you have the ascention materials? That can be a killer with the 5*'s you mentioned.

Thanks for the help.

I could lvl up Tusk and Tibs right now.

Missing 1 item from Keagan and Panther atm.

I agree in not bringing more than 2 pulverizers (1 would actually be enough). However, those are the heroes that can make a difference in a titan attack, but you don’t need them all together. Usually the best teams consist of as many heroes of the strong color against the titan (eg blue heroes against red titans) as possible while using heroes with those specials. You want to stack on the same color because it greatly increases tile damage and in the end it is tile damage that will make the difference.

I’ll try to make it clearer with an example: green titan, I would bring boldtusk (red + attack buff), gormek (red + def debuff), falcon (if you have it, red + color defense debuff), wu kong (must have) and possibly another red with high attack stat, like scarlett. Another def debuff is just redundant, def debuffs don’t stack (so no Tiburtus); same for another attack buff, they don’t stack either (so no kiril who is also of the weak color, wu kong is an exception and his bonus stack with other attack buffs); if you don’t have falcon I’d bring another red for tile damage.

Crit bonus are not easy to get, if I’m not missing any new season 2 hero, the only 2 that give crit bonus are previous heroes of the month, Gregorion and Ares (the latter would be a great addition to the previous example taking the place of Scarlett), so you might get them with future Atlantis summons

Thanks a lot for your advice! This was helpful. I been playing the game for about 6 weeks. I had no clue you could tile stack damage. I tried once before to use multi strong color cards and only noticed the message of missing hero and doing 1 damage and never bothered again. I didn’t realize the tiles dmg would go up for say red If using 2+ red.

I still don’t really have the means to stack strong colors yet as I’m still to new but it’s def something to work on. I made the mistake of trying to get those 5s and leveling them up early on without knowing the items to ascend them are rediculously rare!

6 weeks are indeed a short time lapse, this game can have a much longer longevity and learning the basics about it will take a while.
What I can suggest you is to use this forum, there’s plenty of information and in no time you’ll learn to assess the posts reliability. Here’s for example an old thread covering titan attacks basics:

The first 3-4 posts already describe what I’ve told you in deeper detail, giving explanations for what I suggested you to do and providing further tips too, like what tools you want to bring. Searching for old posts usually gets you more answers than asking directly.

The other thing you want to do is joining a good alliance. By good I don’t mean necessarily strong, but an active one, willing to help and to share the knowledge collected by the the community. Learning from some chats with other peeps is indeed more appealing than reading walls of text here :slight_smile: