New player needs help

Is Melendor, Gormek, Frida, Proteus and Wu Kong/Scarlett good for Titans/raids?Haven’t got Wu Kong yet, got all others

What your’re asking its too generic.
Wu is always good on titans if you have it no matter what color the titan is.
But the other heroes, are picked according to what kinda titan you’re fighting and mostly what color.
You have to experiment yourself to see what is the best route for you; you can go 4 strong color + Wu, or 3 strong + healer + Wu, or even 2 same color as titan, 2 strong and 1 healer [if you dont have Wu].
Usually is good to have a debuffer like Gormek/Tib/Grimm [in these case pulverizers] or Isarnia, Evelyn or Arthur to maximize the damage, preferably a strong color.

As for raids, again its too generic, its depends on who you’re attacking, you have to have a good/deep bench to do good in raids, so you can have options available if you’re raiding against a dark tank or a green one so you can stack accordingly.

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All those heroes are good. When you plan who to level consider also ascension materials for final ascension. Ascension materials for 5* are very rare.

Frida falls under Color Debuff
Gormek falls under Defense Debuff
Wu Kong falls under Chance Attack

You should seek all the effects on the 7DD’s pic here above when attacking titans, better if with more than one strong color.

Remind this for when you’ll have Wu Kong:
his buff is what makes your color miss so if you doesn’t bring one color he would still be able to not miss the titan’s weak spot!


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Check out the guide for sure!! I personally dislike Wu Kong- I feed him away. I have no room in my roster for heroes to miss and I feel that mine are powerful without the possibility of increased attack that is random(I have increased attack through other heroes that is not random). I know I’m probably alone in that thought. Everyone else loves Wu!! Happy gaming:)

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