How should I build a team for green titans without a deep roster?

I have no clue how to take on a green titan. I’ve been messed over by alliances in the game but the one I’m with don’t want to disappoint. Progress is slow and only one maxed team. The only green hero I have caedmon and I have a healer green not maxed which is kashrek. I give few screen shots.

I don’t know what tier titans you’re fighting but if I’m not mistaking you. You don’t want to take green heroes to green titans if you don’t have to, however it’s better than blue.

Green (Nature) is weak against Red (Fire) think wood burning
Blue (Ice/water) is weak against Green (Nature) think water crashing against rocks
Red (Fire) is weak against Blue (Ice/water) water puts out fire
Yellow (Holy) weak against Purple (Dark) and vice versa

In your case, against green titans you’ll need to make do with what you have. Wu Kong/Boldtusk/Colen/Gormek the 5th, you might get away with Grimm or Cademon as long as the Titan isn’t too great I suppose, but I’d take namahage for any added attack damage to red I can get. Get Gormek leveled to 3/60 as soon as possible.

Someone might see a better configuration than I do though.

For now id drop out Grimm and put in Colen in your team at the top. But Red beats Green. I dont have Wu but when i face a green titan i take Sabina, Majana, Scarlet, Kelie, Wilbur. But thats me and im no expert lol

Either use your maxed team - or replace Caedmon with Colen.
But better rearrange them - Rigard, Caedmon (or Colen), Boldtusk, Grimm, WuKong.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will note everything suggested. Though funny thing I made a mistake and initially meant a blue titan lol. Crazy life

Wu Kong | Boldtusk | Colen | Gormek | Rigard or Namahage

That seems solid to me for green titans with your roster.

Also, I’d say you have a decent amount of 4stars now… you can start feeding some of your untrained duplicate 3 stars to them if you want. You certainly don’t need duplicate Rudolphs, Hawkmoons, Valens, Balthazars, Namahages… unless you are specifically aiming for rare tier even quest leaderboards, in which case ignore me.

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