Need help with Defense team and ascending 5 star choices

Hey guys I need help to revamp my defense team and which 5 star to ascend and focus on currently in the 5 stars I have Misandra, Frida, Athena Sartana, Joon all on 70>3.
Also I have Richard, Margaret, Khagan, Leonidas not leveled . Any advice or help would be appreciated, I’ll put screen shots of my hero roster.

What do your ascension materials look like?

For the 5 stars I have enough materials to ascend 1 blue 5 star, and I can ascend Sartana and Joon. I have enough materials to ascend the 60>3 4stars, and I would be able to ascend Leonidas Khagan and Margaret IF I were to level them up…but I guess I want to know if it’s worth using these hard to get materials on these heroes or save them for someone better.

Would really like some feedback if possible please.

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Joon and Sartana are great, you should max them.

You have some of the best 5* blue heroes. I’d personally go for Athena as she will help you with titans and events the most.

Keep your rings and tonics for now. Neither Khagan, nor Margaret should be ascended as a first 5* of their respective colour.

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Thanks for the info! So I should go for Athena first over Frida and Misandra. What about Leonidas?

Leonidas is a decent hero, but Joon is better than him.

if I have the materials to max Leonidas as well should I or save for better yellow?

Also what would be the suggestions for a defense line up? right now I’m using
Boldtusk - Frida - Kashhrek - Athena - Joon

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What would be your best defense team? What would be the best attack team?

Some nice hero’s, def max Sartana and Joon.
Blue is hard choice, prob agree with Anthea, but maxing 3 x 5* at once is hard and expensive.

I’d say max Sartana & Joon now, plus Grimm, Scarlett & personally id use green to help with these hero’s or you could do LJ since you’ve ascended him to max level.

Also, Rigard should be a priority, only 4* cleanser and he’s great.

As for defense. Currently heaps of options, hard to say. For future, something like:

Caedmon - blue 5* - BT - Sartana - Joon

*keep emblems in mind for these hero’s likely to be on your defense long term

Attack, base it in your enemy. In raids, a good format to try is 3-2, 3 against strong colour of tank, 2 against most dangerous flank.

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Leo is good enough for the darts, imo.

Sartana-Athena-Kashhrek-Proteus-Joon could be a decent defence team (it’s not rainbow, though).

As @maldos04 mentioned, the attacking team depends on the defending heroes.

What do you mean you would use Green to help with these hero’s?

Also yes I plan on leveling up Rigard just haven’t gotten around to it kinda was hording my materials. I leveled LJ because I had no other attacking Greens besides Caedmon that was max leveled, and it was a choice between LJ, Gadeirus and Skittleskull 3 slow heroes. Same goes for my Reds I want to level Kelile to have more of a direct attacking red line up because I have none maxed atm just BT and Wilbur. Not really a fan of Gormek because I have Tiburtus already and well now I have to level Grim.

Instead of on colour feeding, I’d choose to put green feeders towards one of your other heros. Not all will agree, it’s not as efficient, but I do it when I’m focusing on key heros.

Greens - fair enough, I went with Gaderius in a similar situation, not great options available.

Red - agree with ignoring Gormek given you have Wilbur levelled already! I stopped mine at like 4/40 when I pulled Wilbur lol

Grimm & Rigard are great and much quicker to max than the others…
Given you already have good healers levelled, i’d work on Grimm & Sartana from those colours now.

Sartana and Joon are the best T20 options in their respective colours, so go for it with them and Grimm will help yourside alround.
In that time you can decide which of your great blue’s you want to level.

What star titans are you fighting?
I’ve got Frida maxed and love her, but up to about 10* titans, she will do fine at 3/70, so you’re prob best maxing one of the other two… I would choose Anthea, but see alot of Misandra’s in the top teams.

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Ah okay I understand thanks for the info

I’m up to 8 star titians at the moment and when it’s red titans my blue team does really well even at 3/70 Frida, Athena were doing really well I got new high scores with them.

I decided to ascend Joon, Sartana, and Athena…I’ll get around to Rigard and Grimm soon but I think I’ll do Kelile before them so I can have an attacking Red

I have almost 700 feeders banked in my training camps just waiting right now.

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Sounds great.

Maybe go Scarlett over Kelile though, her high attack stat will keep her relevant for longer.
Kelile was my first maxed red 4* and was great for a while, doesn’t get alot of love on the forums, but she does a job. Scarlett is a very squishy, but adds great tile damage to red stacks and atk down is handy.

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I forgot about scarlett the only reason I said Kelile was because she was alrdy 3/60. I think I should have enough to level them both that way I would have options in wars as well.

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