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Hi Everybody,

Thanks in advance for the help and responses, but with that being said, I’m trying to build/gear up towards my ultimate defense team. Here’s what I have currently:


Everything’s maxed and works pretty well, but as stated, I’m looking for my end game defense team here. Ideally I was thinking something along these lines:

Thorne/Drake Fong/???\Magni\Gregorian

Thorne I see as replaceable, I like Magni, Drake Fong and Gregorian in those positions, but what should I use ideally as my tank/middle hero? Working on leveling Drake Fong at the moment, but here’s the other 5 star heroes that I have:

Natalya, Perseus & Elena

I was originally thinking that Elena was great for the center until the new update, but please let me know what you guys think or suggest just on the team in general or what I should ultimately aim for. Thanks again!

PS - here’s my maxed 4* heroes in case anybody has any suggestions on improvements in my current lineup:

Kashrek (x2), Melendor, Caedmon, Lil John, Triton,
Grimm, Kiril, Sonya, Boldtusk (x3), Gormek, Proteus, Rigard (x2), Tiburtus, Boomer, Cyprian, Li Xiu, Chao, Wu Kong (x2), Chao, Hu Tao

Throne must be (Thron away) from this line up.
You better replace him with Perseus

For your tank use Natalya
But I would run a team as
Perseus Gergorian Magny Darky Natalya

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Ideally, the best tanks are either the one’s whose sole purpose is to keep their flanks alive so that they can kill the enemy or the ones that hit fast and hard before the enemy can strike. Also, someone with a nice high defense stat.

The only problem with Elena as tank is her defense and slow mana, so she’s fairly easy to get through, even if the board isn’t in your favor. Though, if she does go off, she’s got a powerful attack stat and that riposte can be problematic as well. She’s a decent tank, just not the best.
Thorne isn’t too great at anything, but he’s probably the tankiest hero you have. High defense and health, but that’s about it. He wouldn’t be someone I’d put permanently in that position, but he’d be an ok interim until you get someone more suited for the job. Even then, I’d probably put Elena as tank before him actually.
Kashhrek is the best 4* tank in the game, but not quite as good once you start adding 5* in the mix. So he’d make an alright interim as well, just not the best.
You could also try putting one of your fast manas as tanks for now until you get someone more suited for the job. Drake Fong would be my choice out of those.

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